Thursday, December 31, 2009

Past Life Regression can help in solving relationship issues

There is a very good for relationship issues to be arising out of Past Lives. Relationships, especially close ones are often with our soulmates or members of our soul group / family and since we have already spent significant lifetimes with them, there is reason why they behave a certain way or the respective relationship is at the stage that it is. Usually relationship issues come from karmic debts created over a series of lives and Past Life Regression helps identify the patterns and resolve them as well.
Many of us slightly misinterpret the karma theory at times, especially with regards to relationships. Usually one will hear “sow shall we reap” as in if one is suffering now, it’s a punishment they are getting as a result of their bad karmas but there is a slight modification I would like to make here, as per my understanding of this theory. For example, there is a person who is physically handicapped in a way that he is totally and utterly dependent on his family members for survival. Whenever someone would look at them, many would comment they have this kind of a life because it’s a result of some bad karma they did in their past lives. I actually came across a client like this and when he was regressed, it was found that he was quite an evolved soul and the reason he chose to be in that state in the current life was to help his family members to experience to care for someone who is completely dependent on them for life. It was a lesson of compassion that his parents and siblings were seeking on a higher level and he was here only to help them get the best challenge and to learn it well. This is a perfect example to show that it’s never about punishment. 

We choose our bodies and our parents before we incarnate and this has been proven many times with research done by Dr. Michael Newton during spiritual regression. We build an entire plan for our next earth life depending on the lesson that we are seeking to learn. We have the help and guidance of our spirit guides and our soul family while doing so. We know our past lives and our failures and sometimes, just like some people choose motor racing or boxing as their career, knowing it’s not a smooth ride, similarly, some evolved souls choose to challenge themselves by choosing difficult lives and difficult life situations. The incentive is an accelerated Soul Evolution. All of us ultimately want to get rid of this cycle of reincarnation and are drawn to the central source of energy which we refer to as God. Divinity pulls us towards itself at the subconscious level and hence we do everything we can to get there as soon as possible.

At the soul level, there is no hatred, no guilt, no distrust. There is only love. We are surrounded by our soulmates, our soul families and our guides. We choose who will meet us at which milestone in our life and usually every person we meet in our life have a certain role to play in it. It’s not a coincidence that you meet your soulmate after you are married and have kids. The lesson is such that it demanded a situation or that challenge. The lesson could be either way. It could be to help you break free from your marriage and the soulmate could be the one offering you the incentive or the lesson could be to understand responsibility and commitment in marriage and he could be there only to give you temptation and make it a tougher lesson to learn.

In today’s world, almost everyone is facing relationship issues, with partners, with parents, with friends, with siblings or sometimes with children. Sometimes the emotions that we feel towards some people or the way certain people behave with us is a result of the karmic debt we have with them from our past. For example, if you were a victim of abuse through your hubby is one life, both of you could mutually agree at the soul level to play opposite roles in this current life in order for both of you to learn from the other side of the coin. If using free will, someone did something cruel to you in a last life, it is very probably that they will meet you in the current life and do the opposite to makeup and yet because you are holding that negativity or hatred or anger from that life, you will still reflect it in you and the current relationship will go sour. This is where Past Life Regression Therapy is very helpful.

Through Past Life Regression Therapy, it’s possible to firstly find out your relationship with your closed ones in your past, specially with the ones you feel connected with in the past and then it’s possible to resolve your past with them and transform the memories. Many times, it will tell us the reason why a particular relationship is the way that it is and also help in resolving it.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Spiritual Regression (Life between Lives)

I have talked about Past Life Regression many times on this blog, but now there is this term that you might come across called "Spiritual Regression", which is what I intend to explain in this post. Where Past Life Regression refers to regressing someone to see and experience their past lives, spiritual regression refers to taking one to a time between two lives, when they are in spirit form and they reside on the spiritual plane. This has been the area of research of Dr. Micheal Newton, who has covered it completely in two of his books called "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" via methods of several case studies.

Spiritual Regression is a highly specialized technique of directing a person to the time when they have died in one life and not born into another. Dr. Newton has regressed thousands of people using this technique to the spirit realms and the findings of his research are amazing. He has been able to define the colors, patterns, look & feel and other things about the spiritual plane. What do souls look like, how are they grouped into primary and secondary clusters, what are their levels of evolution, what kind of light they emit, what is the significance of each color in the emitted light, who are guides, role of guides in our journey, how and why do souls choose difficult lifetimes, counsel of advisors etc.

It's an amazing number of facts that one can find out about their own souls, why they planned their life in a certain way, who are their soulmates, what are the lessons they intend to learn, meet their spirit guides etc.

According to his research Dr. Newton has divided souls into three stages of evolution, beginning, intermediate and advanced where reaching from one level to another may take several lifetimes and 100s of thousands of years in earth time.

Andy Tomlinson, author of "Healing the Eternal Soul" reckons that experiences of people from spiritual regression suggest that when planning new lives, karma is viewed as progressive and repetitive, i.e. new lives are planned to be progressively more difficult but within the soul's ability to successfully achieve their karmic goals. This maynot exactly work this way because souls still have free will to choose the speed over which they would want to complete their journey. Some souls opt for challenging lifetimes for faster progression while others could do it slowly using many lifetimes. Souls also have the ability to divide their energy and have several parallel life on earth, where their lives on earth are usually not related. This can have two advantages if the soul can handle it, first being is they screw up in one life and do well in another, they still achieve a lot and second that to review two lifetimes, they get to spend a lot more time on the spirit plane which is home to all souls.

The important point while planning a life is that karmic patterns of the right difficulty will be encountered. This is often done with souls from the same soul group with the help of their spirit guides discussing their karmic requirements and where matches take place, agreeing roles they will take. Thus a complex web of working together to mutually fulfilling each life goal is created. We are attracted to meet these in our current life at a soul level, unaware consciously that we are setting up the conditions for repeating our karmic patterns of betrayal, abuse, loneliness, willing victim etc, till the learning is complete.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heart vs Mind

This is an age long debate...that of the heart vs the mind. Which is stronger and which is wiser...I don't think anyone has ever been able to successfully conclude that one. Just thought I will share some thoughts on this one...including some guidance I got from a Brahmakumari. My belief is that the thoughts lie in the mind but when we symbolically divide the mind and the heart, we are really talking about thinking and feeling.

Thinking is a function of the mind and mind is a part of our it becomes a direct function of the body. Thinking is the process of picking thoughts, of one's own or other's and processing them to make sense of them or ultimately lead to some action. Feeling is only about the vibrations or a thought directly generated from our intellect or our higher self. When we sit down peacefully and try to concentrate on any issue / life situation, there are feelings we get about them which could be thoughts from our own higher self or our guides. If one can identify when it is a pure feeling vs when it's a desire created by your own mind to tempt you to something radical, that is when one can really start the journey of wisdom.

I attended a Brahmakumari Raj Yoga session a few days back and this topic crept up and while she was explaining it, I asked her how is it that one can identify when is it that it is an inner voice or your own desire tricking you. It was a very profound answer she gave me. She said when the inner voice speaks, the message is universally accepted without resistance and if one faces resistance within, its an indicator that its a trick of your own mind :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Knowledge of past life is very helpful to take you through this one

The knowledge of one's past life can really help them to make it through this life and also address physical and emotional symptoms they may be experiencing now. One of my very close freinds just went through a PLR session with our teacher Toni, who is a very respected Past Life Regression Therapist, here in Singapore and this is what she had to through to the end because it will not fail to excite and inspire you!

Testimony On a Past Life Regression Experience
Guided By Antoinette Biehlmeier (Toni)

My first Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy with Toni has been a fascinating experience, what she has done for me is truly amazing and breath-taking!  I am really grateful for all the powerful healing work that she did for me during the regression session... it was an enlightening experience (it clarifies and reassure some of my emotions and thoughts about myself) and most importantly she helped to heal my "upsetting" soul…

Admittedly, when I first decided to do a PLR, I was afraid of what I might discover and more importantly, I was afraid that I would not be able to do it (there are a few occasions when I entered into such deep trance that I fell asleep during my hypnotherapy sessions (not with Toni of course)!  The other concern was the energy blockage that I suspected I could have which could well deter me from the regression. 

Toni’s relaxing and assuring induction led me into a trance swiftly. She did a scan for any energy that does not belong to me. She was quick to detect several intrusive energies and after completing her “work” in “sending” them away, I could immediately feel a sense of release.

Toni started the therapy by asking me to progress into a life which had an impact in my current life. I was lost for a while… “Oh no… now what?” I thought. My mind went totally blank… its like sitting in a cinema in total darkness and within a blink of a second, a Qing Dynasty Princess “appeared on-screen” She was dressed in a maroon-red Manchu costume with sparrow embroidery and black trimmings at the side with a pair of white high-heeled clogs with flowers embroidery. She was standing alone in what appears to be her chamber. There was no motion or sound… it’s like watching a movie scene being set at “pause”.  

My first immediate thought that came to mind...(so my conscious mind is still at work!) “Is this my imagination or have I really regressed?“ Before I could figure out, a series of images slowly unfold as Toni regressed and guided me in a steadfast yet non-intruding manner, probing all the right questions, at the right time. 

Long story short, the Princess was upset with herself and her father, the Emperor for forcing her to marry someone whom she had no feelings for. She felt helpless and hopeless, eventually she decided to take her own life and hanged herself to death. She ended her life with a lot of grievances and brought along her feelings of anger, loneliness and helplessness.

The regression surfaced and addressed some of the emotional issues that I encounter and the physical discomfort and pain that had been a hindrance to my well-being in my current life. 

Throughout the regression process, I could feel Toni’s connection with me all the time, not only did she release me from the emotional struggle and physical pain which I experience during the regression, she was so swift in detecting my uneasiness and discomfort on a few instances that she reinstated my draining energy by channeling her healing energy to my body and brought it back to balance. 

The most obvious relief from the therapy was the disturbing physical strain of the "twisted neck" tension which extends all the way down my back to my left feet which I had been experiencing for years somehow disappear! (I always thought it was due to my stress and bad body posture). The strain on my left eye, which often triggers my migraine was relieved... I have been feeling really good and energetic for the past few days after the session and I could feel my body healing at all levels, day by day. 

To be honest, I was still slightly doubtful about the experience and was not sure if the “characters” in my regression session was "made up" by my subconscious mind. However I rationalized that its not so important since the most critical aspect is the learning that I gathered from those past lives which heighten the awareness and release of those karmic actions and thoughts... and applied them in the current life. 

However I got swept away in the third morning after my regression session by moments of astonishing truth when my daughter, who could not hold down her curiosity, went in search for the identity of "the princess" in the internet.  We discovered that all the historical facts were in sync with my experience during the regression!! 
I know that's not the point of the regression session but I cannot contain my excitement and hoped to share the amazing findings so that this could serve as a testimony for some who are still skeptical about past life regression.  
My friend is a very special person and I always knew she had things to her that were carried from the past but this bit of experience has enriched her life and has cleared many things in her own context of understanding within the scope of her current life and it has made it much easier for her to accept certain difficult phases and decisions of her life. The biggest thing I think she has achieved is self acceptance for the person that she is and also a root to the fears she carried, this experience reassuring that there are some things that are meant to be and even though we might not be aware of the reasons, they are happening for our ultimate best.

For individual Past Life Regression sessions or other alternate healing, Antoinette Biehlmeier (Toni) can be contacted at if you are in Singapore and Minal Arora can be contacted at, in case you are in delhi, India.

Monday, September 14, 2009

our "FUTURE" is usually a reflection of our "PAST"

Now, I know that is a very bold statement to make that our so called "FUTURE" that we keep dreaming about and thinking of, is a reflection of our "PAST" but consider that most of our lives, we keep worrying about our past or our future and usually, when we look at our future, we relate it to our past by working from the area of past failures. Instead of making a fresh start from the present, we live in our past...we let the fears from the past take over the bright future we could have had, if we would have operated from the present leaving behind all the negativity, suffering and baggage from our past.

As the saying goes "We expect a different result by doing the same thing over and over again"...well that it's possible. When something has gone wrong in the past...a bad relationship, a bad business or any other personal or professional failure, instead of learning from it and considering if there was a lesson for us in that, we prefer to subside it by means of distraction, crying, drinking, shopping, depression or anything and slowly, with time, fall in the same trap again. In the case of professional failures, its easier for people to learn lessons because there is objectivity involved and the success and failures are measurable but in the case of personal failures, it's important to trace patterns of failure or incompleteness, its important to find out why a certain thing happened to you before you let it go from your's important to accept your present in the absence of that thing or person and yet, know what is it that you learnt to help you deal with a similar situation again.

The Future can be better, happier and more peaceful and all it requires is for us to operate from NOW, from the present moment. Only carry the lessons learnt from the past and not the instances / emotions / feelings, suffering / wounds...anything light into the new future which will be better and brighter once it is not more in the shadow of the past.

The present is always happy and powerful...and that is all that is is all an illusion...everything there is in this live it every bit :)

Monday, August 31, 2009


Maybe suffering isn't gives you hurt, it gives you pain but makes you look leaves you to cry and yet watches you through throws you in the dark and yet shows a light within...maybe it isn't a good thing but it does befriend you to move you on to where you ultimately wish to reach...know it or not!

Suffering is what makes one realize the presence of someone / something that is not in their control. It makes one think, retrospect, question...everything from their beliefs to their acts...because it places you where you need to give yourself some answers...they are not for anyone else to make you understand, it is not for anyone to help you's about understanding yourself.

One might tend to blame others, analyse and give logics, throw a lot of questions and want a lot of answers, one might think they didn't deserve it and yet they are being punished, they might think it's unfair, some may cry yet some may hold back their tears...but it's important to understand that suffering is what shows you the way to enlightenment. Someone who has not failed, cannot understand the meaning of success and someone who has not suffered cannot understand the meaning of happiness.

One important thing to understand about suffering is that no other person can make you's only you. If you don't want to suffer, you wont. Circumstances can remain unchanged but all that matters in the context. Suffering is a time of introspection, of looking within, feeling oneself from the understand hear the soul's understand and appreciate the still left beauty and power of love and accept whatever there is...without asking for more but being thankful for what is.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

love as understood and explained by vivekananda

A Nice Article about "Love" by Swami Vivekananda

I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me..
Once when we were
sitting at the edge of a swimming pool,
she filled the palm of her hand with
some water and held it before me, and said this:
"You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love."
This was how I saw it: As long as you keep your hand caringly open and
allow it to remain there, it will always be there.
However, if you attempt to close your fingers round it and try to
posses it, it will spill through the first cracks it finds.
This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love...they
try to posses it,they demand,
they expect...and just like the water spilling
out of your hand, love will retrieve from you .
For love is meant to be free,you cannot change its nature.
If there are people you love,
allow them to be free beings.
Give and don't expect.
Advise, but don't order.
Ask, but never demand.
It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to
truly practice.
It is the secret to true love.
To truly practice it, you must
sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love,
and yet an unconditional caring."

Passing thought.... Life is not measured by the number of breaths we
take; but by the moments that take our breath away.....

It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime


law of attraction

The law of attraction is a new age theory which states that if you truly desire something and believe in it, it will come to you but yet, if you don't desire something and yet think too much about it or fear it...that will also come to you. The idea being the power of thought. When I first heard of this line somewhere that "if you truly desire something from your soul, the universe conspires to help you get it", i thought it was very sweet and touching though i didn't believe it could be anything more than the notion of the author.

In Wiki, this is what is said about the law of attraction

According to proponents of this law, thoughts have an energy which attracts whatever it is the person is thinking of. In order to control this energy to one's advantage, proponents state that people must practice four things: 

1. Know exactly what you want.
2. Ask the universe for it.
3. Feel, behave and know as if the object of your desire is already yours (visualize).
4. Be open to receive it and let go of (the attachment to) the outcome.

Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one abides by these principles, and avoids "negative" thoughts, the universe will manifest a person's desires.

Well, I have been thinking about this one and it somehow seems to be true. I have realized that things in life only seem to go your way till you have no doubts in them but the day you start doubting them, or having negative thoughts about them, the chances are that your worst fears will manifest themselves. 

I wouldn't say its always true that if you want something badly, you will get it but at the same time I would think whenever it happens, if we sort of look at our belief in that happening, there is usually an air of doubt there...else usually its just a matter of time.

One very relevant example of this came up in my hypnotherapy class where the teacher mentioned that somehow if she has had a very busy day and she has a client / student appointment next morning, it happens quite often that she wishes the appointment wasn't there the next day so that she could have some free time and to her surprise, they cancel. 

I would think its all the more important now to watch your thoughts and see what you are attracting !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

my hypnotherapy expedition

I finally did my Hypnotherapy course at the Past Life Regression Academy, Singapore and I feel absolutely great about it. It's not that I was the best or I didn't keep wondering after looking at the all so accomplished and wonderful people I met there that somehow I could have better utilized the 32 years of my life on this planet, yet it was the most enjoyable and enlightening experience in a long time.

I admit I was a little skeptical when I went in for the course. I didn't know what to expect and Hypnotherapy sounded like some boring science that I was advised to study just so that I can do my past life regression studies...sort of felt like drink your milk otherwise no breakfast today...but...I was pleasantly surprised.
As each day passed, my curiosity for what comes next and my excitement at what was going on kept getting higher. We were 10 people which included 2 people who flew from Australia...Steve and Yanka where Steve has been into healing and body works for over 2 decades now and talking to him for 5 mins or merely being next to him can make one feel the aura, the stream of positive energy flowing through the body. Yanka is one of the most beautiful and warm persons I have met...she is an absolutely amazing woman and Steve and her share this connection that is so evident...her happiness seems to be a reward for the lessons well learnt. Alison and Shirley were two very very sweet Singaporean friends I made, both working as Recruitment Consultants and being young lovely mothers, they showered the cosy, nice feeling to everyone around them. Sandra is an absolute darling. She seemed like the one who has seen life and yet with all that she has seen, her positivity and belief in the goodness of life only seemed to increase. Sudha is the softest, politest and nicest person I have met who somehow manages to say all the right things at the right time. Max...oh how could I forget him...Max is the simplest, no fuss person I have seen...his simplicity in taking decisions and just going with the flow sort of made me wonder so many times that I have a knack for making my life tough. Max and Sudha specially came over from Malaysia to attend the course. Reena...oh she was the youngest and the bubbly one in our gang...sweet and smart at the same time...the best t-shirts with amazing stuff written on them. Louise...she is one inspiring woman. Initially, I didn't think I would get along wit her since she looked as though she didn't like much mingling but yesterday when she and I had a session together...I realized she is kind and brave...from what her life tells me and I admire those qualities in her. It was such an amazing group of people that every single one had an air about them which made them unique and yet we all got so connected instantly that yesterday when we hugged each other to say sort of seemed very sad.

my gang from the training

"You do what you do best and the universe will take care of the rest" is something that really moved and inspired me from one of Reena's t-shirts. It makes a lot of sense I thought.

Now silly of me that I wrote so much about all the students but missed the most amazing teacher. I am sure you must be wondering who was the one who lead us through this journey. Well Toni as we call awesome woman I must say. One doesn't come to know her potential all at once but slowly and slowly when she revealed herself and her true abilities...I sort of kept can she know so much and be so wise all the time :). As Steve rightly mentioned, its great to have a teacher who can hold your hand and take you through the journey of self discovery...because if she would only lead, we could still get lost. I am so looking fwd to our Past Life Regression training since I can only imagine of Toni is so good, Andy (Andy Tomlinson - Author of "Exploring the Eternal Soul" and "Healing the Eternal Soul") would be ever better.

Now coming to what I learnt. I learnt all about how to make people loose weight(specially if they have a strong want yet can't get to do it somehow...even the lazy ones :), to stop smoking, to make one stress free, confidence building / ego boost as they would call it and a lot of other amazing areas where hypnotherapy has a huge success rate. So, yes...I am officially capable of helping people in all of the above and it feels great!

I am so looking fwd to my first hypnotherapy session today :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

love: responding to minal

"LOVE" one of the most difficult word to describe and the most difficult feeling to recognise and one of the most difficult emotional state to interpret. What exactly is called love? People use this word in various context meaning various things from stong affection to pleasure to interpersonal relations..... the list is endless. Reflecting on what love is, it is difficult to relate it with one particular feeling. it encompass a whole range of feelings and emotions and its manifestation does the same.

However, I would relate to Love as a State of being. The completeness of being. The end of search. It is a point wherein a person knows there is nothing amiss in his or her life, there are no boundaries, no walls, total freedom to be whatever in total peace and contentment.

Do we need another person to experience this State of Being? My friend, philosopher and guide tells me its all within. The peace and contentment is all within which is also the by-product of Love and that if peace and contentment is within so is love.

i quite agree with it and dont see any anomaly with it. the easiest mistake we all make is when we start having an emotional dependancy on another and describe it as love. When we start relying on another to make us happy, not realising that love is not about bondage of being together in body, of longings and loneliness which are negative emotions but its all about being in a peaceful or restful state of mind in the knowledge of having found that someone who helped you realize that state of being.

The problem arises when a person fails to recognise that beauty, peace is all internal and part of you and you need not hold on to another to see it. Also it is indeed difficult to find that one person who is going to be the one for you and make you realise your inner self in this increasing crowd. however, hold on and dont despair, life is all about learning (remember the big school?), thats what gives you the drive to move on and look forward. read somewhere "you will smile at it one day" and i promise you will by living your life to the fullest and living it youself with your own decisions, your own choices.

Monday, August 17, 2009

what is HELL?

I just read a very interesting blog post about the various ways religions interpret HELL. Some say its an actual physical place, while some say its just a notion. The existence of HELL has been debated upon for many centuries now where it is beleived by many that as a punishment for their bad deeds, they will certainly go to this place where they will be tortured and abused till they compensate for all they have done, which is "HELL".

I maybe wrong but I would think to punish someone for one deed which hurts someone, the best way would be for them to go through the same deed, which would become their HELL. According to many who beleive in afterlife, there is no heaven or hell. Earth is a big school where all souls are sent to learn their lessons and grow on their spiritual path. They are allowed to choose their ways and make their mistakes. Souls are nothing but masses of energy and since energy cannot be distroyed, souls cannot be destroyed, but they can be transformed by making them learn what they must.

Since our souls are wiser than our conscious mind, the deeds that we perform in any life, are reviwed by ourselves after it ends, along with far more experienced souls who are guides, teachers to help us and we ourselves see and understand the mistakes that we made. Our souls then make the decision to punish our own selves by taking what it gave and hence compensate, back on the same playground, the same school, the same karma shetra, which is earth.

According to me, there is no heaven or Hell. It's all here. It's all in our minds and in ourselves. When we undergo situations that are unfavourable to us and cause us emotional or physical pain or torture, that is our hell while when everything is favouarble and blissful, it is heaven. This is our "karma bhoomi" or "place where we perform our karmas" and it shows us heaven and hell at many points of time. It's all upto us to perceive it the way we wish to and finally, feelings are all about the context or perception. Whether HELL exists or not, the final objective is not to punish us, but to make us learn what we must and move on the path of universal love.

Monday, August 10, 2009

spirituality - is there a catch?

Spirituality - The word is so often used in front of us these days that its hard to understand if its actually a phenomenon or experience worth all the hype or if its overrated. One of Suman's posts about "fear" below has probed me to think that is it possible that all our enthusiasm about learning meditation, spirituality, past life regression etc is only a way to escape our innermost fears...of facing life's realities, of distracting from what is in front of us. Tushar left a comment regarding this on the blog and that also seemed to pull this question right on my face that could this be true that it is all about escape, about being able to convince yourself for everything that goes wrong in one's life, being able to find solace in god and spirituality.

I have really been thinking hard here. Do people who are absolutely happy and contented with their life get into spirituality and god? Is it a tool used by those who have issues addressing their lives and its realities? Isn't it true that if one has everything going perfectly great in their life and all areas are working, they tend not to give a damn to spirituality unless some beliefs have been inculcated into them through inheritance or sufferings? Is it that our mind tricks us to give itself some peace in times to suffering by saying if we are happy within ourselves, the rest of the world wouldn't matter?

Well, I think all of the above doubts can be faced by anyone who is new to this path of spirituality or whenever your mind puts you into an argument to prove its worth. After much of thinking and understanding things, I have realised that yes, for people who have some sort of suffering or when circumstances are unfavorable, its easier to get pulled towards spirituality, search for the inner self & meditation. It is also true that initially, one might use it as an escape to get out of the rut and get detached from relationships, life or situations so that the affect is the least felt but once you start discovering this way of life, it pulls you towards it and ultimately one does realise that it was god's way of getting you here that he gave you the respective circumstances in the first place.

Meditation or spirituality in no way teach us to run from our life and not face the realities of life, but in turn they alleviate our conscience and make us understand that we are all a part of divinity and its important for us to be whole and complete within ourselves for us to be able to do justice to the people and relationships around us. It gives us the little amount of detachment which is required to be able to look at our own self and thoughts from the outside, in order to do what is right or what will be universally acceptable. It gives us the connection with our inner self, with our guardian angels which help us to stay focused on the path planned by our own souls for each lifetime.

It's not an escape though many times, it could be triggered by the need to be at peace.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Almost all of us have sometime or the other pondered about "what is love". Well, I have been thinking of an appropriate definition for love but havn't arrived at a conclusion yet. Is it the feeling where you want to be with someone all the time, when the person isn't there, you miss him/her but even when the person is around, they occupy the maximum space in your heart and mind OR is it a settled feeling of having someone in your life who will always care for you, always be there for you, no matter what.

Well, the definition I have realised isn't so simple and neither can it be generalised. I have been wondering if there were various types of there is one love that is all exciting, all encompassing, where you can't seem to to see or think anything beyond your lover....its the love that is blind as they say and it brings excitement & hormonal changes to your body and life. Then, there is one which is settled. It is there and it will always be and with every passing day, without us knowing increases a tiny bit in becomes more mature and becomes a part of us without us knowing how much we value the relationship or love...sometimes we know it and acknowledge it as well, while sometimes we take it for granted. Then there is another type of love, which is one from the soul...which happens in the most unlikely circumstances and yet tends to complete one's is the kind of love which has the capability to transform those involved...usually sets or changes course of one's life. There could be many more kinds of love which I may not be aware of but all of them are true and they exist. Sometimes, the same relationship with one person to change its type from one to another with passing time.

Yes its true that we all are looking for love, for eternal love...but the question it really very important to get or have someone to complete we seek love to complete ourselves because we think we are incomplete in ourselves or is it for our need for constant support, moral and emotional? Sometimes I have seen, in the quest of love or completeness, people get so lost that they almost make it a purpose of their life.

It's important for each of us to realise that everyone is alone...we have come to this life to fulfill the purpose of our souls which we shall need to do alone. Once we understand and be at peace with what we are and accept our own strengths and weaknesses, and start loving ourselves...that is the point after which whoever we find love with, it will be a fulfilling relationship because it will not be based on incompletness of any kind but unconditional, no expectations love.

Don't know if that made any sense but just felt like writing this one today and this is entirely my opinion.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


we all live in fear. for some it is the fear of unknown, the unknown future, the fear of being a nobody, the fear of being alone,the fear of death, emptyness.....this list is endless.

to overcome or to avoid confronting this fear we resort to overwork and quest for something, eg creating wealth, having power, having a family etc etc. these ultimately act as opiate to our minds by not letting us confront the fears that we all have. since we never confront them, we are seldom able to overcome them. in the end we just keep running and running fron these fears till our final moment of realisation.

at times it does feel that the meditation is also an opiate or self hypnosis technique we have created to adapt to a world which does not revolve around us according to our needs and fancies. the whole concept of past life, reincarnation, soul and karmic relationsthen appear to be concepts made to make the life bearable for those disillusioned by it.

does the "peace" achieved by meditation not a compromise between the strive to fight for what i want and need that is "true happiness" even if just for a while? is it the passive acceptance of the present i dont want to change and thus escapism from this reality?

yes, these are the contradictions i have also faced and i believe lot of us have. there are no easy answers except that the ultimate goal is to be at peace. at peace with what we are, the true person within all of us. the one which is the seeker for all the answers.

no one can give an answers to our internal turmoil and fears, we all have to confront our selves and find our own answers our own way. be it the EFT, work,relations ...whateverin our own way. this is the actual quest of life.

Monday, July 27, 2009

improving thinking power through meditation

Yesterday, I went for a seminar on "How to use meditation to improve your thinking power" held by the Brahmakumaris, here in Singapore. It was a very interesting session and hence I thought it will be a good idea to share it here with my readers. Meditation is something that we have heard of so many times, yet there are some basics, many of us might be unaware of, which sort of intruged me and I think a lot of my understanidng enhanced, with regards to the subject.

To start with, I came to know that on a average, every person has above 50,000 thoughts crossing their mind every single day...which is through a scientific research done a few years ago. We have no control over thoughts coming in our mind, yet, we have control over our thinking. The diierence between thoughts and thinking being thinking is the direction or the action of the thoughts. We can decide what to thinking and when to stop thinking. In order to make the mind more powerful, its important to think right.

When we say "think right", it means take a wise decision. What I gained here is an understanding that it's not only important to think right, but to put it into action is what makes us wise. There are people who are too analytical, while there are people who are too emotional. In both cases, wisdom is tough to acheive because a balance between the two is important to drive our thinking in the right direction.

Sister Meera, who was leading the program, mentioned that usualy for less enlightened souls, the thoughts come at a very high speed. Slowly by practicing meditation, the aim is to be able to last longer without paying attention to the thoughts but connecting with the divine energy and hence as we get wiser, the speed of our thoughts will slow down. We have to get used to directing our intellect to take wise decisions and slowly, when we will get used to taking right decisons, our sub-concious mind will also have a store of only positive thoughts and memories, hence there will come a stage where we really wouldn't have to think too hard to take a decision...the right will flow to us as intuition...we will know what to do without thiking it through

Another important thing was learning about the difference between prayer and meditation. Prayer is the act of talking to god, while meditation is the act of listening to god...first listening to ourselves or our souls, in preperation to listening to god. Meditation has three parts to it, which are awareness, awakening and connection, where it implies firts making ourselves aware of us being souls or packets of divine energy, then awakening the conscience to remain alert and sensitive and then finally to connect to the soul of supreme energy to receive a constant flow of energy and help strengthen our body and soul.

The mantra being - We become what we think

To know more about Brahmakumaris, you may visit their website at

life energy

The concept of soul might not fit with everyones percetion. One reason being the use of this word "soul" too often and at too many places, representing too many different things. if you are one such person, forget about the soul. Lets talk about the life energy which embodies everything alive. There is that something in all of us which goes away when we die. What is that something? Time to reflect on that something. Try this simple experiment:

One moment you think of a happy event in your life and how do you feel?

Now take another moment and think of a sad event/ experience you underwent in the past. how do to feel?

So sitting at one place within two moments you can osccilate between two contrasting emotions. Is it not amazing? Obviously the I is not the emotion or the thought, as that I had the option of choosing the thought and the emotion.

This elusive but very much real I is what everyone is searching for. It is also the energy within us which some call as soul, prana..... the real me or I. Once you recognize this real me/ I, that is the real coming home. Coming home to peace, contentment, love, happiness, healing and completeness. The search ends there.

Friday, July 24, 2009

why are people so scared to start with a belief

why are people so scared to start with a belief - this is a question i have recently been pondering. i have often realised that the moment i start a discussion in any public forum regarding souls, life and afterlife, you will have some who will agree and be rational about things or atleast open minded to share what they feel about the subject, then there will be some who will negate the whole idea, which is also fine...but the ones that bother me are those who will try and attack with all negative spirits on their side

my belief is my belief and everyone has a good reason as to why they believe in something. in all fairness people have all the right to agree or disagree with anything, if not only the existence of souls but those who use attack as a way of discussing or immediately wear their helmets on as as not to be hit by something they might just start liking against their will are the ones who are the most interesting and yet probably the most ignorant

i would think if one doesn't believe in a point or a concept, its better to justify it to yourself in a more logical way than just saying oh...its all shit and crap

i would think a way is to argue with someone over their ideas or a better way is to assume they have a good reason to think that way and start with an assumption that it could be true and if possible prove it wrong...that way you atleast know you had a logical way of arriving where you did and you didn't miss out an opportunity at enlightening yourself

in this world, if one could start with the assumption that we all are here for a purpose and then start looking backwards at their life and karma or start thinking of what value they can add to their eco-system, it could do more good than harm to each individual

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

book review - 'waiting for autumn' by scott blum

"waiting for autumn" is a fresh way of looking at life on earth as well as the other side. the writing style is very simple yet the message is very profound and for me, it did one thing which other books i have read couldn't. it somewhere gives the answer to why would a soul 'want' to reincarnate on earth, provided it knows that life in the spirit world is much more fulfilled and at peace.

we have so many times read about why souls 'have to' reincarnate but this one addresses choosing to be here on free will and that is the differentiator.

for all those who are interested in spirituality, life after life, souls, purpose of life or simply understanding life, this book somewhere adds value to our thoughts and beliefs in an impressionable way.

Monday, July 20, 2009

soul to soul communication

soul to soul communication
On the other side or in the spirit world, all of us are connected to each other. communication in the spirit world happens through thoughts and that is why most people believe that thoughts are very powerful. while on earth also, souls have the capability to communicate with each other through the mind, which we call telepathy...sometimes it happens quite simply like u are really really thinking of someone special and he/she calls up that very moment.

i once knew a friend who had this amazing relationship with a guy and both of them seemed to be quite strongly in love...she told me that many times it had happened with both of them that one would msg the other late night and the other would sort of get a dream or very powerful thought in his/her mind saying chcek your msgs and that very moment they will realise they connected and it usually happened at precisely the exact in without any gap in the communication...i found this extremely amazing. souls are capable of communicating with each other thorugh thoughts, its just that the thought or the will to deliver that though has to profound enough and has to be through the soul

in the spirit world, souls have the capability to show each other in any form recognisable to the other soul. they can communicate in ways more powerful than what we can comprehend and a soul is always able to understand and receive every single message even while being surrounded by many other souls

guardian you have one?

Guardian Angel - Our spirit guides

now all of us have heard stories that say we all have guardian angels that protect us from any harm ad some religions and faiths do believe that while we are still children, we are able to see and talk to our guardian angels but as we grow up, we stop believing so much in our so called imaginary freinds and hence we loose the belief in their existence

now from what i have understood after a bit of research on past lives, afterlife and souls is that every single soul has a guide / a teacher / a guardian angel who takes on the responsibility to guide us, mentor us through the journey of our soul...our guide helps us to understand and learn what we need to learn and helps us plan our lessons to be learnt while we are on earth, to review our past lives, to help us understand where we are going and most important of all, they help us forget the traumas, emotions, overwelming feelings we might have from a past life that our soul isn't willing to let go

guides / guardian angels have a very important role to play in our lives, not only in the spirit world but also while we are on earth. they have the capability to implant thoughts in our mind...which we call as our inner voice or sometimes there are these very powerful intuitions we have, which tell us something is an absolute must do, or something is just not to be done. it's not always the guides, but mostly it is but sometimes its the voice of our own soul that guides us too. the difference can be made since mostly when our angels are guiding us, we will get intuitive powers on things that maynot be connected to us, or are very different from our thought process

Friday, June 26, 2009


soulmates - our eternal mates

well, that is a subject close to my heart or maybe to everyone who believes in souls and love

it's incredibly complicated and difficult to understand the concept of a soulmate, but let me try and pen down of what I have been able to gather though there are conflicting beliefs about soulmates all over the place and someone who is new to the word can get terribly confused

a soulmate is a mate in the spiritual world, they have spent usually more than one lifetimes on earth with you. it's not usually that the soulmate relationship is necessarily a romantic one...a soulmate could appear in relationships like son, daughter, brother, sister or close friend...but mostly is since a romantic relationsip offers the maximum opportunity for spiritual growth amongst the souls of similar levels of maturity. the purpose for a soulmate in your life is to help you grow spiritually, by challeging you and your values or sometimes by becoming a mirror to your own shortcomings...they are our eternal partners who are not there to judge but hold our hands and help us move to the next level while we help them at the same time

one may find one or even more than one soulmate in one lifetime and sometimes its not all rosy with them and yet, they complete you in many ways. have you ever been in that space where as soon as you saw or met someone, you recognised a connection...when you talked to the person that connection or the comfort seemed to be too good to does give you opportunities to meet your soulmates and sometimes in very odd sitautions and then its left to both the souls involved to recognise the connection and get closer.

i just read it somewhere that a woman asked a therapist while her past life regression that I met my soulmate, but I have 3 kids now and he has if my soul was to decide when to meet him why did it make this choice...well, the answer is that it isn't a coincidence that you met your soulmate late in may well be that your soul took this decision because it had lessons to learn through the suffering involved in this challenge. souls are wiser and they are looking at the bigger picture. when a life is planned before birth, the soul is aware of the fact that their love or connection with their soulmate is eternal so its only a role playing they will be doing to experience different emotions and learn new lessons in the school of earth but when we come to earth, the momories of why that deciosion was taken are lost, yet, the lessons still need to be learnt

usually you might have shared multiple lifetimes with your soulmate and the comfort, familiarity and completeness of your relationship will make you see through this. unknowingly, every soul longs to be united with it's soulmate on earth because that gives it immense strength and support to go on in life and achieve what its meant to achieve...people who are more sensitive to their souls might feel the incompleteness till they are reunited with their soulmates on earth, yet some may fail to recognise them or have enough conviction to build up relationships that will keep them close such cases, mostly there are our guides or guardian angels who are guiding us by putting thoughts in our mind, by helping us through our inner voice but it again depends on our mind, body and soul relationship to judge what is to be believed because life is always about choices

if its any consolation, if your life's plan includes meeting your soulmate in this incarnation, you will know when you see him/her...just listen to your heart

Thursday, June 25, 2009

our souls in the spirit world

our souls in the spirit world
This whole thing is getting very interesting. I have moved from Brian Weiss now to reading Michael Newton, who has been researching in this area since about 30 years now and some of his work and books are really interesting. I am currently reading 'Journey of Souls", which also has a sequel that I will read next to this. Its a very amazing book since its written in the form of case studies with pateints and it covers a completly new and different side of PLR, it sort of focuses on the life of souls when they are not on earth, as in their life as spirits.

There is this entire symmetry between what his patients say about where they go after they die, what does it look like, what does it feel like, who welcomes them as spirits, can they communicate with earthly people after death, who are their guides, what are they expected to do as spirits and so on.I have read many books of Past Life Regression till now, but this one sort of covers an entirely new side of the soul life and it’s interesting to read people's experiences.

I am still half way through and one thing that keeps coming back to my mind while reading this is, the journey of our souls is pretty much a superset of the journey we have on earth and somehow it seems that we still carry the emotions, the relationships, the feelings, the goods with us life after if some relationships aren’t working or that spontaneous connect isn't there or that bonding isn't there where you feel this love from deep down inside, it could mean that relationship is only build here but is not one that your soul has from above.

After reading this material, one thing that I am becoming more and more sure of is that there isn't any heaven or hell...whatever is there, its here. We go through difficult lifetimes because we have lessons to learn that only suffering can teach us and earth is our school...its here we get rewarded and its here we get punished too...the purpose of god or the high above entity isn't to punish us, but for us to learn the lesson well.

a big school

Adding to what minal has written, it appears that the world is a big learning space. This learning is what we call rise of consciousness. Once we start questioning the world around us, the objective of our being and all the whys and hows that exist in our life, we start moving towards a higher level of consciousness or shall we say the next class? That is also the reason that its easier to corelate with some and not with others. Its when our consciousness levels somehow are in the same level or we are in a same class in this big school, it becomes easier to corelate and to understand each other then with the person not at that level.

I believe that each birth is going to the next class.... if you have cleared your exams! With an ultimate objective of going to a different dimension altogether.

Friday, June 19, 2009 I believe in having crossed this journey many times before?

Time and Space - Life and Afterlife

recently I have been reading a lot of stuff which again and again refers to the word "soul". I have been reading material right from blogs to published books on the matter and I must admit, being a Hindu and being Indains, we hear this stuff right from our school days, but I had never paid a lot of attention to actually think beyond what was told to me.

in hindi, the soul is called "aatma" and somewhere this concept of soul has been around in our religion and mythology for a while now but somehow I got drwn to this concept when i read the book called "Many Lives, Many Masters", by Dr.Brian Weiss. Its quite a read I must say and after reading it, did I realise that there is so much in the world that we don't know or just take for granted.

Now, let me explain what I understood and have started believing after reading loads of material and having discussions with people who sort of believe in afterlife. Every living person does have two parts to him, one is the physical being or the body and one is the spiritual being called the soul. The soul is eternal, it keeps on cannot die or cannot be harmed. The physical being is what changes. The soul takes birth what is called "incarnation" and re-incarnation on the earth, to grow wiser. That is the purpose of our endless grow wiser at the spiritual level and to learn the lesson of unconditional love.

Important things I have learnt and have started believeing because they sort of make sense to me. The soul does not have anything negative attached to it. It is a spiritual being and only knows love. When it comes to the earth, it slowly picks up all the negativity from the surroundings, but only in the physical form.

The most important and profound statement I read in one of Dr.Brian's book, which I thought was life altering was that the soul carries the love, emotions and relationships it builds to the next life while it cannot carry any material assets. People spend their entire lifetimes in earning money and ignoring their relationships, where those are the relationships which will get carried forward with them in their next life while all the money will stay here. Furthermore, if you ignore the relationships or hurt people in this life, you will create debts or you will have lessons to learn which will come back to you either in this life or in the next you are actually doing more harm than good to yourself and those around you.

There is life on many planes of consciousness. This, our world is only one such plane. It is a like a graduating school for the soul. There maybe many other schools that we are unaware of, but the soul everywhere is the same. We have to learn our lessons and the soul keeps coming back to the school, untill all lessons are learned. We re-incarnate as male, female, rich and poor...are born into many religions etc because we have to learn from all sides.

Now you may wonder, why am I preaching. There hasn't been enough argument I have given to support my beliefs. Well, I will keep quoting various experiences from people mentioned in many places and soon through my own experinece also, that will show you why I think this is all true. For the time being, i just want to say...yes, I beleive in souls and I believe in Re-incarnation and I believe I have been to this earth many times before. It does happen to everyone I guess that sometimes when you are doing something, going somewhere or meeting someone, you get this very strong feeling that you have been here know this person...well, your feeling might have an answer in your past lives :)