Monday, August 17, 2009

what is HELL?

I just read a very interesting blog post about the various ways religions interpret HELL. Some say its an actual physical place, while some say its just a notion. The existence of HELL has been debated upon for many centuries now where it is beleived by many that as a punishment for their bad deeds, they will certainly go to this place where they will be tortured and abused till they compensate for all they have done, which is "HELL".

I maybe wrong but I would think to punish someone for one deed which hurts someone, the best way would be for them to go through the same deed, which would become their HELL. According to many who beleive in afterlife, there is no heaven or hell. Earth is a big school where all souls are sent to learn their lessons and grow on their spiritual path. They are allowed to choose their ways and make their mistakes. Souls are nothing but masses of energy and since energy cannot be distroyed, souls cannot be destroyed, but they can be transformed by making them learn what they must.

Since our souls are wiser than our conscious mind, the deeds that we perform in any life, are reviwed by ourselves after it ends, along with far more experienced souls who are guides, teachers to help us and we ourselves see and understand the mistakes that we made. Our souls then make the decision to punish our own selves by taking what it gave and hence compensate, back on the same playground, the same school, the same karma shetra, which is earth.

According to me, there is no heaven or Hell. It's all here. It's all in our minds and in ourselves. When we undergo situations that are unfavourable to us and cause us emotional or physical pain or torture, that is our hell while when everything is favouarble and blissful, it is heaven. This is our "karma bhoomi" or "place where we perform our karmas" and it shows us heaven and hell at many points of time. It's all upto us to perceive it the way we wish to and finally, feelings are all about the context or perception. Whether HELL exists or not, the final objective is not to punish us, but to make us learn what we must and move on the path of universal love.

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  1. Aweome! I whole heartedly agree with every word!
    And, we aren't to bash other beliefs and religions as those who follow them are simply on a "different journey" to God. Can't say they are younger souls, because there are too many variables involved. If you are prejudiced against a certain race, religion or even someones sexual preference, you may want to learn to accept and understand them now, before you incarnate - and -need to walk a mile in their shoes to fully grasp how ugly and senseless prejudice really is. Love one another. We are sisters and brothers....