Monday, August 31, 2009


Maybe suffering isn't gives you hurt, it gives you pain but makes you look leaves you to cry and yet watches you through throws you in the dark and yet shows a light within...maybe it isn't a good thing but it does befriend you to move you on to where you ultimately wish to reach...know it or not!

Suffering is what makes one realize the presence of someone / something that is not in their control. It makes one think, retrospect, question...everything from their beliefs to their acts...because it places you where you need to give yourself some answers...they are not for anyone else to make you understand, it is not for anyone to help you's about understanding yourself.

One might tend to blame others, analyse and give logics, throw a lot of questions and want a lot of answers, one might think they didn't deserve it and yet they are being punished, they might think it's unfair, some may cry yet some may hold back their tears...but it's important to understand that suffering is what shows you the way to enlightenment. Someone who has not failed, cannot understand the meaning of success and someone who has not suffered cannot understand the meaning of happiness.

One important thing to understand about suffering is that no other person can make you's only you. If you don't want to suffer, you wont. Circumstances can remain unchanged but all that matters in the context. Suffering is a time of introspection, of looking within, feeling oneself from the understand hear the soul's understand and appreciate the still left beauty and power of love and accept whatever there is...without asking for more but being thankful for what is.


  1. Man, the times I've suffered in life have been my greatest teachers:) When going through those really difficult times life threw my way, I was angry and didn't understand why a good person such as myself, had these horrific, life altering things happening.

    Later on, I realized though it was painful, I came out of it stronger, more in touch with who I was and my place in the Universe, more compassionate and ultimately found my passion for social work. So sometimes they are both a blessing and a curse.

    A curse when you are going through it..but a blessing when you come out on the other side of the experience with a renewed sense of self!

  2. I agree is a window of opportunity for enlightenment...we just have to see that which takes a while because the focus is on going away from the suffering than using it.

  3. Interesting post.
    I agree that nobody can make you suffer unless you let them. However it's easy to blame others for it - making it less painful to handle. Pushing the blame onto someone else, takes our focus away from the fact that we ourselves are in charge of it.
    After that's beeing said - it doesn't take all responsibility from others who's trying to make us feel bad. We choose if we'll let it get to us - but we also have to let the others know what pain their words or behaviour triggers in us. If they don't want to listen or do anything about it - stop having contact with them. Again, be in charge of your emotions :o)
    Btw - thank you for a great comment on my blog, putting words to my thoughts :o)

  4. We can not believe in karma theory and treat suffering as negative or pain ful. because we receive nothing in life which is not due. Suffering happens mostly as a result of 2 things a) as a child when I fell down, my mom did not allow me to cry and accept pain. She defy pain and ask me to dismiss something we shall not even look at. So, pain was not aceptable and always treated as villain.
    b) if we drive ourself from ego and do not listen to the inner voice and be guided, we get disoriented from the octave of possible future for which we took birth to experience, hence suffering happens to bring us back in balance.

    besides, one can not take more than the capacity, hence if there is sufering then it is happening much within my capacity to handle it. yes I can cry about money I lost but that reminds me I had money and I can still survive.. so suffering is more a perspective or rather lack of it....