Monday, July 27, 2009

improving thinking power through meditation

Yesterday, I went for a seminar on "How to use meditation to improve your thinking power" held by the Brahmakumaris, here in Singapore. It was a very interesting session and hence I thought it will be a good idea to share it here with my readers. Meditation is something that we have heard of so many times, yet there are some basics, many of us might be unaware of, which sort of intruged me and I think a lot of my understanidng enhanced, with regards to the subject.

To start with, I came to know that on a average, every person has above 50,000 thoughts crossing their mind every single day...which is through a scientific research done a few years ago. We have no control over thoughts coming in our mind, yet, we have control over our thinking. The diierence between thoughts and thinking being thinking is the direction or the action of the thoughts. We can decide what to thinking and when to stop thinking. In order to make the mind more powerful, its important to think right.

When we say "think right", it means take a wise decision. What I gained here is an understanding that it's not only important to think right, but to put it into action is what makes us wise. There are people who are too analytical, while there are people who are too emotional. In both cases, wisdom is tough to acheive because a balance between the two is important to drive our thinking in the right direction.

Sister Meera, who was leading the program, mentioned that usualy for less enlightened souls, the thoughts come at a very high speed. Slowly by practicing meditation, the aim is to be able to last longer without paying attention to the thoughts but connecting with the divine energy and hence as we get wiser, the speed of our thoughts will slow down. We have to get used to directing our intellect to take wise decisions and slowly, when we will get used to taking right decisons, our sub-concious mind will also have a store of only positive thoughts and memories, hence there will come a stage where we really wouldn't have to think too hard to take a decision...the right will flow to us as intuition...we will know what to do without thiking it through

Another important thing was learning about the difference between prayer and meditation. Prayer is the act of talking to god, while meditation is the act of listening to god...first listening to ourselves or our souls, in preperation to listening to god. Meditation has three parts to it, which are awareness, awakening and connection, where it implies firts making ourselves aware of us being souls or packets of divine energy, then awakening the conscience to remain alert and sensitive and then finally to connect to the soul of supreme energy to receive a constant flow of energy and help strengthen our body and soul.

The mantra being - We become what we think

To know more about Brahmakumaris, you may visit their website at

life energy

The concept of soul might not fit with everyones percetion. One reason being the use of this word "soul" too often and at too many places, representing too many different things. if you are one such person, forget about the soul. Lets talk about the life energy which embodies everything alive. There is that something in all of us which goes away when we die. What is that something? Time to reflect on that something. Try this simple experiment:

One moment you think of a happy event in your life and how do you feel?

Now take another moment and think of a sad event/ experience you underwent in the past. how do to feel?

So sitting at one place within two moments you can osccilate between two contrasting emotions. Is it not amazing? Obviously the I is not the emotion or the thought, as that I had the option of choosing the thought and the emotion.

This elusive but very much real I is what everyone is searching for. It is also the energy within us which some call as soul, prana..... the real me or I. Once you recognize this real me/ I, that is the real coming home. Coming home to peace, contentment, love, happiness, healing and completeness. The search ends there.

Friday, July 24, 2009

why are people so scared to start with a belief

why are people so scared to start with a belief - this is a question i have recently been pondering. i have often realised that the moment i start a discussion in any public forum regarding souls, life and afterlife, you will have some who will agree and be rational about things or atleast open minded to share what they feel about the subject, then there will be some who will negate the whole idea, which is also fine...but the ones that bother me are those who will try and attack with all negative spirits on their side

my belief is my belief and everyone has a good reason as to why they believe in something. in all fairness people have all the right to agree or disagree with anything, if not only the existence of souls but those who use attack as a way of discussing or immediately wear their helmets on as as not to be hit by something they might just start liking against their will are the ones who are the most interesting and yet probably the most ignorant

i would think if one doesn't believe in a point or a concept, its better to justify it to yourself in a more logical way than just saying oh...its all shit and crap

i would think a way is to argue with someone over their ideas or a better way is to assume they have a good reason to think that way and start with an assumption that it could be true and if possible prove it wrong...that way you atleast know you had a logical way of arriving where you did and you didn't miss out an opportunity at enlightening yourself

in this world, if one could start with the assumption that we all are here for a purpose and then start looking backwards at their life and karma or start thinking of what value they can add to their eco-system, it could do more good than harm to each individual

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

book review - 'waiting for autumn' by scott blum

"waiting for autumn" is a fresh way of looking at life on earth as well as the other side. the writing style is very simple yet the message is very profound and for me, it did one thing which other books i have read couldn't. it somewhere gives the answer to why would a soul 'want' to reincarnate on earth, provided it knows that life in the spirit world is much more fulfilled and at peace.

we have so many times read about why souls 'have to' reincarnate but this one addresses choosing to be here on free will and that is the differentiator.

for all those who are interested in spirituality, life after life, souls, purpose of life or simply understanding life, this book somewhere adds value to our thoughts and beliefs in an impressionable way.

Monday, July 20, 2009

soul to soul communication

soul to soul communication
On the other side or in the spirit world, all of us are connected to each other. communication in the spirit world happens through thoughts and that is why most people believe that thoughts are very powerful. while on earth also, souls have the capability to communicate with each other through the mind, which we call telepathy...sometimes it happens quite simply like u are really really thinking of someone special and he/she calls up that very moment.

i once knew a friend who had this amazing relationship with a guy and both of them seemed to be quite strongly in love...she told me that many times it had happened with both of them that one would msg the other late night and the other would sort of get a dream or very powerful thought in his/her mind saying chcek your msgs and that very moment they will realise they connected and it usually happened at precisely the exact in without any gap in the communication...i found this extremely amazing. souls are capable of communicating with each other thorugh thoughts, its just that the thought or the will to deliver that though has to profound enough and has to be through the soul

in the spirit world, souls have the capability to show each other in any form recognisable to the other soul. they can communicate in ways more powerful than what we can comprehend and a soul is always able to understand and receive every single message even while being surrounded by many other souls

guardian you have one?

Guardian Angel - Our spirit guides

now all of us have heard stories that say we all have guardian angels that protect us from any harm ad some religions and faiths do believe that while we are still children, we are able to see and talk to our guardian angels but as we grow up, we stop believing so much in our so called imaginary freinds and hence we loose the belief in their existence

now from what i have understood after a bit of research on past lives, afterlife and souls is that every single soul has a guide / a teacher / a guardian angel who takes on the responsibility to guide us, mentor us through the journey of our soul...our guide helps us to understand and learn what we need to learn and helps us plan our lessons to be learnt while we are on earth, to review our past lives, to help us understand where we are going and most important of all, they help us forget the traumas, emotions, overwelming feelings we might have from a past life that our soul isn't willing to let go

guides / guardian angels have a very important role to play in our lives, not only in the spirit world but also while we are on earth. they have the capability to implant thoughts in our mind...which we call as our inner voice or sometimes there are these very powerful intuitions we have, which tell us something is an absolute must do, or something is just not to be done. it's not always the guides, but mostly it is but sometimes its the voice of our own soul that guides us too. the difference can be made since mostly when our angels are guiding us, we will get intuitive powers on things that maynot be connected to us, or are very different from our thought process