Monday, September 28, 2009

Knowledge of past life is very helpful to take you through this one

The knowledge of one's past life can really help them to make it through this life and also address physical and emotional symptoms they may be experiencing now. One of my very close freinds just went through a PLR session with our teacher Toni, who is a very respected Past Life Regression Therapist, here in Singapore and this is what she had to through to the end because it will not fail to excite and inspire you!

Testimony On a Past Life Regression Experience
Guided By Antoinette Biehlmeier (Toni)

My first Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy with Toni has been a fascinating experience, what she has done for me is truly amazing and breath-taking!  I am really grateful for all the powerful healing work that she did for me during the regression session... it was an enlightening experience (it clarifies and reassure some of my emotions and thoughts about myself) and most importantly she helped to heal my "upsetting" soul…

Admittedly, when I first decided to do a PLR, I was afraid of what I might discover and more importantly, I was afraid that I would not be able to do it (there are a few occasions when I entered into such deep trance that I fell asleep during my hypnotherapy sessions (not with Toni of course)!  The other concern was the energy blockage that I suspected I could have which could well deter me from the regression. 

Toni’s relaxing and assuring induction led me into a trance swiftly. She did a scan for any energy that does not belong to me. She was quick to detect several intrusive energies and after completing her “work” in “sending” them away, I could immediately feel a sense of release.

Toni started the therapy by asking me to progress into a life which had an impact in my current life. I was lost for a while… “Oh no… now what?” I thought. My mind went totally blank… its like sitting in a cinema in total darkness and within a blink of a second, a Qing Dynasty Princess “appeared on-screen” She was dressed in a maroon-red Manchu costume with sparrow embroidery and black trimmings at the side with a pair of white high-heeled clogs with flowers embroidery. She was standing alone in what appears to be her chamber. There was no motion or sound… it’s like watching a movie scene being set at “pause”.  

My first immediate thought that came to mind...(so my conscious mind is still at work!) “Is this my imagination or have I really regressed?“ Before I could figure out, a series of images slowly unfold as Toni regressed and guided me in a steadfast yet non-intruding manner, probing all the right questions, at the right time. 

Long story short, the Princess was upset with herself and her father, the Emperor for forcing her to marry someone whom she had no feelings for. She felt helpless and hopeless, eventually she decided to take her own life and hanged herself to death. She ended her life with a lot of grievances and brought along her feelings of anger, loneliness and helplessness.

The regression surfaced and addressed some of the emotional issues that I encounter and the physical discomfort and pain that had been a hindrance to my well-being in my current life. 

Throughout the regression process, I could feel Toni’s connection with me all the time, not only did she release me from the emotional struggle and physical pain which I experience during the regression, she was so swift in detecting my uneasiness and discomfort on a few instances that she reinstated my draining energy by channeling her healing energy to my body and brought it back to balance. 

The most obvious relief from the therapy was the disturbing physical strain of the "twisted neck" tension which extends all the way down my back to my left feet which I had been experiencing for years somehow disappear! (I always thought it was due to my stress and bad body posture). The strain on my left eye, which often triggers my migraine was relieved... I have been feeling really good and energetic for the past few days after the session and I could feel my body healing at all levels, day by day. 

To be honest, I was still slightly doubtful about the experience and was not sure if the “characters” in my regression session was "made up" by my subconscious mind. However I rationalized that its not so important since the most critical aspect is the learning that I gathered from those past lives which heighten the awareness and release of those karmic actions and thoughts... and applied them in the current life. 

However I got swept away in the third morning after my regression session by moments of astonishing truth when my daughter, who could not hold down her curiosity, went in search for the identity of "the princess" in the internet.  We discovered that all the historical facts were in sync with my experience during the regression!! 
I know that's not the point of the regression session but I cannot contain my excitement and hoped to share the amazing findings so that this could serve as a testimony for some who are still skeptical about past life regression.  
My friend is a very special person and I always knew she had things to her that were carried from the past but this bit of experience has enriched her life and has cleared many things in her own context of understanding within the scope of her current life and it has made it much easier for her to accept certain difficult phases and decisions of her life. The biggest thing I think she has achieved is self acceptance for the person that she is and also a root to the fears she carried, this experience reassuring that there are some things that are meant to be and even though we might not be aware of the reasons, they are happening for our ultimate best.

For individual Past Life Regression sessions or other alternate healing, Antoinette Biehlmeier (Toni) can be contacted at if you are in Singapore and Minal Arora can be contacted at, in case you are in delhi, India.

Monday, September 14, 2009

our "FUTURE" is usually a reflection of our "PAST"

Now, I know that is a very bold statement to make that our so called "FUTURE" that we keep dreaming about and thinking of, is a reflection of our "PAST" but consider that most of our lives, we keep worrying about our past or our future and usually, when we look at our future, we relate it to our past by working from the area of past failures. Instead of making a fresh start from the present, we live in our past...we let the fears from the past take over the bright future we could have had, if we would have operated from the present leaving behind all the negativity, suffering and baggage from our past.

As the saying goes "We expect a different result by doing the same thing over and over again"...well that it's possible. When something has gone wrong in the past...a bad relationship, a bad business or any other personal or professional failure, instead of learning from it and considering if there was a lesson for us in that, we prefer to subside it by means of distraction, crying, drinking, shopping, depression or anything and slowly, with time, fall in the same trap again. In the case of professional failures, its easier for people to learn lessons because there is objectivity involved and the success and failures are measurable but in the case of personal failures, it's important to trace patterns of failure or incompleteness, its important to find out why a certain thing happened to you before you let it go from your's important to accept your present in the absence of that thing or person and yet, know what is it that you learnt to help you deal with a similar situation again.

The Future can be better, happier and more peaceful and all it requires is for us to operate from NOW, from the present moment. Only carry the lessons learnt from the past and not the instances / emotions / feelings, suffering / wounds...anything light into the new future which will be better and brighter once it is not more in the shadow of the past.

The present is always happy and powerful...and that is all that is is all an illusion...everything there is in this live it every bit :)