Monday, July 27, 2009

life energy

The concept of soul might not fit with everyones percetion. One reason being the use of this word "soul" too often and at too many places, representing too many different things. if you are one such person, forget about the soul. Lets talk about the life energy which embodies everything alive. There is that something in all of us which goes away when we die. What is that something? Time to reflect on that something. Try this simple experiment:

One moment you think of a happy event in your life and how do you feel?

Now take another moment and think of a sad event/ experience you underwent in the past. how do to feel?

So sitting at one place within two moments you can osccilate between two contrasting emotions. Is it not amazing? Obviously the I is not the emotion or the thought, as that I had the option of choosing the thought and the emotion.

This elusive but very much real I is what everyone is searching for. It is also the energy within us which some call as soul, prana..... the real me or I. Once you recognize this real me/ I, that is the real coming home. Coming home to peace, contentment, love, happiness, healing and completeness. The search ends there.

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