Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I was too busy to pay attention to my soul

This is what somebody said to me when they came to me for their first SS(Serenity Surrender) Healing Session. I laughed at both the irony & audacity of the statement. Later I realized we all do that, he was just brave enough to admit it. We live on an extremely beautiful planet 7 it has it’s charms. We have relationships, work & needs for self. 24 hrs a day isn’t enough & these days the speed at which time seems to get over, it feels not enough for all we wish to achieve an accomplish. In the midst of the struggle for the dream job or growing up on the succession ladder, in keeping one’s spouse & family happy, discussing news, taking care of social obligations and paying bills, where is the time to worry about the soul. When we can do without it, well, we might as well focus on what we can’t seem to do without. Isn’t that how we all thought once?

Now someday, for some this day comes much earlier in life & for some it may be much later but there is a realization slowly that seeps in, that what have I achieved in this life. When the rat race gets tiring, when success doesn't knock ones door or when success feels shallow, when they lose their most precious relationship or when loneliness makes them see an aspect of their reality that too much work couldn't hide, when there is an internal void, which doesn't seem to get filled with anything. When there is an inherent search for something. Some call it peace, some call it love, some call it happiness. With the extremely high energies of this planet, we all are going through an internal transition, inevitably so, in which no matter how engrossed we are, the focus is shifting to self. Till now, our evolution has happened through struggling through relationships, life situations & proving ourselves but that era is over now. The new energies aren't about proving ourselves but realizing that we were always what we are out to prove ourselves as. It is kind of a homecoming!

In this homecoming, anyone who believes looking within is a waste of time and may not be required is only under the illusion that they aren’t doing it already. Every moment that we live in our consciousness is our soul living through us. Each moment, the sub-conscious mind which the soul’s memory & processor is active and it is creating one’s life, in spite of them planning it in a completely different direction. It is just about when does one stop to look at their lives & realize they can’t make a choice to be experiencing their soul, since they are that but yes by choosing to look away from it, they only choose to struggle higher to learn their lessons in the physical world.

Every relationship, every life situation & every person only is here to show you what you can’t see for yourself but while you see it, if you are able to bring an understanding what they are trying to teach you about yourself, slowly, it’s an experience of immense empowerment & that inherent search finds it’s destiny!

About the Author -

Minal Arora is a renowned holistic healer & teacher who has been practicing & teaching therapy for many years. Her practice has helped countless many people who in turn have made impact in the lives of many people further as well. Should you wish to learn more, you are welcome to contact her through our official site; www.pastlifeconnection.com

Monday, June 24, 2013


Today I realized ..our deepest desire carries the seed to our deepest fear. We keep chasing the desire and in the process keep bringing the deepest fear to the surface. One day, we can see the fear bigger than the desire itself. This is the point where if we choose faith and face the fear head-on, we can bring a transformation to our being. The desire may or may not be in line with our growth but that we'll know only when we get rid of the fear. We are able to see the desire unconditionally. At this point, if its there and we can just allow it to be, minus the fear and expectations, it comes to us in due time or our energies move on to the next stage in their evolution. If, however, we choose fear, we can stay in conflict and suffering for a long time, till we manifest a physical situation / circumstance where the fear shows us it's magnitude. At this point also if we face it, we can resolve it but it can get very intense and dis-empowering when dealt with feeling like a victim of one's circumstance.

Choosing faith over fear is the first step to moving towards victory over the fear.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why should I bother with Past Life Memories?

Why should I go into my past? Why should I even care about my past? Why is my past relevant to me now? Hasn't it already passed? Hasn't it already happened? Why can't I stay focused on what is now?

These are the common questions that come in one's mind when the topic of "Past Life Regression" comes in. Well, yes, that which has passed should have no relevance or significance in the now. Unfortunately in the sub-conscious though, we carry that past which hasn't really "passed". It is that past which is still unresolved and like the memory of a bad fight or a bad relationship, it is carried over by the eternal data bank of our sub-conscious till we accept it as "passed" by letting it go. Go it can, only when whatever happened is forgiven and the lesson from it is learnt. Like till I have my question paper in hand, I have the choice to go back to unresolved questions and try and attempt them again in order to resolve them, till a memory is present, the sub-conscious has the choice & intent to go back to it to attempt to understand the lesson behind it. It is the most natural thing to do. This is the reason why so many things that we experience in 
this moment like instant dislike for someone, even when they haven't said anything to you, need to justify why something or someone wouldn't be favorable, fear of a situation / thing / person etc.

If everything would have been based on this lifetime's experiences then a child must always be fearless, a person should never attract anything negative and if it's random then people shouldn't really experience patterns or manifest what they feared the most. There is a very deep logic on which this universe operates but to understand dimension, it is necessary for one to be open to trusting & then allowing it to prove it's power rather than the other way around. Those souls who are able to live a life in awareness of the complete reality of their being, live an extremely empowered, almost magical life but for that, taking the first step out of one's shell & trusting it is key.

Past Life memories are unresolved instances in the soul's eternal journey that have been experienced with intense emotions, mostly negative but the soul who's experienced it has yet to understand and realize what it meant for it. It carries fwd each memory in the hope of someday, in a higher wisdom, it might just realize why something happened with it. It is extremely important to free one's current moment of it's entire unresolved or karmic past to allow it to be free to operate out of the present moment. Each circumstance / relationship in one's present, specially the ones which are stressful / disliked / not understandable or give suffering could have several past life memories related to the people / relationships / aspects involved that seem to stretch the person in all directions & hence making it extremely heavy & draining for them to deal with the respective situation.

To understand the concept further or to resolve your own lives / relationships / circumstances / blockages through therapy, refer to Past Life Regression Therapy & Serenity Surrender(SS) at www.pastlifeconnection.com or write to Minal at minal@pastlifeconnection.com 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Future “Progression” – Is it possible to know my future?

Well along with “Past Life Regression”, there is also something called “Future Life Progression”, which is all about going in the future and knowing what lies ahead. Although there is this concept & it works, as a well known past life therapist, Minal Arora suggests that one needs to carefully understand the whole concept before it is to be used.

Through a progression, one can be hypnotically taken to their future say 1 year hence, 5 years hence or 10 years hence. Entire details of scene can be derived depending on the ability of the client to trust his / her experience; it can fetch some very useful information about the projection of the future as per the current energies.

The idea of getting a progression done is not really to see a future or create blocks in the present but it is to understand the impacts of the decisions made in the present moment on their probable future. It helps people to closely understand their choices, relationships and their impact / role on their current life in the current moment and shift them if they receive adverse guidance through their progression.

It is extremely important to remember that our future is variable and it varies as per the choices we make in this moment. Whatever a progression shows, is what the sub-conscious energies make it as per the choices of now. Progressions are helpful to people who are at a critical milestone / decision making point in their life where they need to choose one direction out of two. Usually in such a case, I have observed that the experience of the projected future will show them which path will bring what for them. Although that is also only as per this moment and these situations and yet could help people willing to take a stand in life. Each choice that we make only leads to our growth and we only learn but the learning sometimes come easier and sometimes with a lot of suffering. In moments where it is difficult to choose a direction, this guidance can help in reaching the next stage of the choice.

It is also possible to experience one’s future lives. Of course there is no validation for these but there are world renowned therapists who have done progressions of masses and more than 70 percent people have seen similar times on this planet say 100 yrs hence or 500 yrs hence which validates that the mass consciousness does carry a projection of the future of their lives & this planet’s existence even in this moment.

Should we let being “real or not” be our criteria?  What is real? If you can see it in your “imagination”, it is as real as being real gets. We often believe too much in the mind and the physical reality but when looked at from above, this is also just one more reality. Whatever our energies believe in this moment & project, in that moment that is their reality as it will be created. In between if one makes choices that alter that reality, they can land-up creating a new ”future” as well.

If one can constructively use the information / experience of a progression then it can help them in this moment & this reality. It’s not about living in the future than the present but it’s about creating a better present through guidance from the future!