Saturday, August 8, 2009


Almost all of us have sometime or the other pondered about "what is love". Well, I have been thinking of an appropriate definition for love but havn't arrived at a conclusion yet. Is it the feeling where you want to be with someone all the time, when the person isn't there, you miss him/her but even when the person is around, they occupy the maximum space in your heart and mind OR is it a settled feeling of having someone in your life who will always care for you, always be there for you, no matter what.

Well, the definition I have realised isn't so simple and neither can it be generalised. I have been wondering if there were various types of there is one love that is all exciting, all encompassing, where you can't seem to to see or think anything beyond your lover....its the love that is blind as they say and it brings excitement & hormonal changes to your body and life. Then, there is one which is settled. It is there and it will always be and with every passing day, without us knowing increases a tiny bit in becomes more mature and becomes a part of us without us knowing how much we value the relationship or love...sometimes we know it and acknowledge it as well, while sometimes we take it for granted. Then there is another type of love, which is one from the soul...which happens in the most unlikely circumstances and yet tends to complete one's is the kind of love which has the capability to transform those involved...usually sets or changes course of one's life. There could be many more kinds of love which I may not be aware of but all of them are true and they exist. Sometimes, the same relationship with one person to change its type from one to another with passing time.

Yes its true that we all are looking for love, for eternal love...but the question it really very important to get or have someone to complete we seek love to complete ourselves because we think we are incomplete in ourselves or is it for our need for constant support, moral and emotional? Sometimes I have seen, in the quest of love or completeness, people get so lost that they almost make it a purpose of their life.

It's important for each of us to realise that everyone is alone...we have come to this life to fulfill the purpose of our souls which we shall need to do alone. Once we understand and be at peace with what we are and accept our own strengths and weaknesses, and start loving ourselves...that is the point after which whoever we find love with, it will be a fulfilling relationship because it will not be based on incompletness of any kind but unconditional, no expectations love.

Don't know if that made any sense but just felt like writing this one today and this is entirely my opinion.

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  1. You are SO right Menal...for most of the people loving is just all about begging...begging for emotional and is actually all about "loving"..thats it...

    I just found your blog while hunting for "past life regression"...will surely contact you when i am in Delhi for the session...