Wednesday, August 19, 2009

love: responding to minal

"LOVE" one of the most difficult word to describe and the most difficult feeling to recognise and one of the most difficult emotional state to interpret. What exactly is called love? People use this word in various context meaning various things from stong affection to pleasure to interpersonal relations..... the list is endless. Reflecting on what love is, it is difficult to relate it with one particular feeling. it encompass a whole range of feelings and emotions and its manifestation does the same.

However, I would relate to Love as a State of being. The completeness of being. The end of search. It is a point wherein a person knows there is nothing amiss in his or her life, there are no boundaries, no walls, total freedom to be whatever in total peace and contentment.

Do we need another person to experience this State of Being? My friend, philosopher and guide tells me its all within. The peace and contentment is all within which is also the by-product of Love and that if peace and contentment is within so is love.

i quite agree with it and dont see any anomaly with it. the easiest mistake we all make is when we start having an emotional dependancy on another and describe it as love. When we start relying on another to make us happy, not realising that love is not about bondage of being together in body, of longings and loneliness which are negative emotions but its all about being in a peaceful or restful state of mind in the knowledge of having found that someone who helped you realize that state of being.

The problem arises when a person fails to recognise that beauty, peace is all internal and part of you and you need not hold on to another to see it. Also it is indeed difficult to find that one person who is going to be the one for you and make you realise your inner self in this increasing crowd. however, hold on and dont despair, life is all about learning (remember the big school?), thats what gives you the drive to move on and look forward. read somewhere "you will smile at it one day" and i promise you will by living your life to the fullest and living it youself with your own decisions, your own choices.

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