Thursday, June 25, 2009

our souls in the spirit world

our souls in the spirit world
This whole thing is getting very interesting. I have moved from Brian Weiss now to reading Michael Newton, who has been researching in this area since about 30 years now and some of his work and books are really interesting. I am currently reading 'Journey of Souls", which also has a sequel that I will read next to this. Its a very amazing book since its written in the form of case studies with pateints and it covers a completly new and different side of PLR, it sort of focuses on the life of souls when they are not on earth, as in their life as spirits.

There is this entire symmetry between what his patients say about where they go after they die, what does it look like, what does it feel like, who welcomes them as spirits, can they communicate with earthly people after death, who are their guides, what are they expected to do as spirits and so on.I have read many books of Past Life Regression till now, but this one sort of covers an entirely new side of the soul life and it’s interesting to read people's experiences.

I am still half way through and one thing that keeps coming back to my mind while reading this is, the journey of our souls is pretty much a superset of the journey we have on earth and somehow it seems that we still carry the emotions, the relationships, the feelings, the goods with us life after if some relationships aren’t working or that spontaneous connect isn't there or that bonding isn't there where you feel this love from deep down inside, it could mean that relationship is only build here but is not one that your soul has from above.

After reading this material, one thing that I am becoming more and more sure of is that there isn't any heaven or hell...whatever is there, its here. We go through difficult lifetimes because we have lessons to learn that only suffering can teach us and earth is our school...its here we get rewarded and its here we get punished too...the purpose of god or the high above entity isn't to punish us, but for us to learn the lesson well.

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