Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why should I bother with Past Life Memories?

Why should I go into my past? Why should I even care about my past? Why is my past relevant to me now? Hasn't it already passed? Hasn't it already happened? Why can't I stay focused on what is now?

These are the common questions that come in one's mind when the topic of "Past Life Regression" comes in. Well, yes, that which has passed should have no relevance or significance in the now. Unfortunately in the sub-conscious though, we carry that past which hasn't really "passed". It is that past which is still unresolved and like the memory of a bad fight or a bad relationship, it is carried over by the eternal data bank of our sub-conscious till we accept it as "passed" by letting it go. Go it can, only when whatever happened is forgiven and the lesson from it is learnt. Like till I have my question paper in hand, I have the choice to go back to unresolved questions and try and attempt them again in order to resolve them, till a memory is present, the sub-conscious has the choice & intent to go back to it to attempt to understand the lesson behind it. It is the most natural thing to do. This is the reason why so many things that we experience in 
this moment like instant dislike for someone, even when they haven't said anything to you, need to justify why something or someone wouldn't be favorable, fear of a situation / thing / person etc.

If everything would have been based on this lifetime's experiences then a child must always be fearless, a person should never attract anything negative and if it's random then people shouldn't really experience patterns or manifest what they feared the most. There is a very deep logic on which this universe operates but to understand dimension, it is necessary for one to be open to trusting & then allowing it to prove it's power rather than the other way around. Those souls who are able to live a life in awareness of the complete reality of their being, live an extremely empowered, almost magical life but for that, taking the first step out of one's shell & trusting it is key.

Past Life memories are unresolved instances in the soul's eternal journey that have been experienced with intense emotions, mostly negative but the soul who's experienced it has yet to understand and realize what it meant for it. It carries fwd each memory in the hope of someday, in a higher wisdom, it might just realize why something happened with it. It is extremely important to free one's current moment of it's entire unresolved or karmic past to allow it to be free to operate out of the present moment. Each circumstance / relationship in one's present, specially the ones which are stressful / disliked / not understandable or give suffering could have several past life memories related to the people / relationships / aspects involved that seem to stretch the person in all directions & hence making it extremely heavy & draining for them to deal with the respective situation.

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  1. VENKAT, my blog is much older than what you realised but nonetheless I am glad you noticed 😊

  2. Hi Minal,

    well written and very subtle too...

    karma, is at the very root of everything...

    and as Adi Shankara said - Akarmaiva Mokshaha, meaning - where there is no experience of karma, only freedom is experienced...

    now, such an experience has to be stablised and deepened


  3. Have enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks. You make the same points as Brian Weiss.