Friday, July 24, 2009

why are people so scared to start with a belief

why are people so scared to start with a belief - this is a question i have recently been pondering. i have often realised that the moment i start a discussion in any public forum regarding souls, life and afterlife, you will have some who will agree and be rational about things or atleast open minded to share what they feel about the subject, then there will be some who will negate the whole idea, which is also fine...but the ones that bother me are those who will try and attack with all negative spirits on their side

my belief is my belief and everyone has a good reason as to why they believe in something. in all fairness people have all the right to agree or disagree with anything, if not only the existence of souls but those who use attack as a way of discussing or immediately wear their helmets on as as not to be hit by something they might just start liking against their will are the ones who are the most interesting and yet probably the most ignorant

i would think if one doesn't believe in a point or a concept, its better to justify it to yourself in a more logical way than just saying oh...its all shit and crap

i would think a way is to argue with someone over their ideas or a better way is to assume they have a good reason to think that way and start with an assumption that it could be true and if possible prove it wrong...that way you atleast know you had a logical way of arriving where you did and you didn't miss out an opportunity at enlightening yourself

in this world, if one could start with the assumption that we all are here for a purpose and then start looking backwards at their life and karma or start thinking of what value they can add to their eco-system, it could do more good than harm to each individual


  1. you are right...sometimes one does not want to believe something or just wants to escape from a belief just for the heck of it and when they do, they try and make sure others follow them because they don't want to be alone

  2. I just read the discussion which prompted this post and I can understand why you wrote it. A perfectly innocent hypothetical question you asked elicited the usual derogatory comments from the usual suspects. So-called scientific objectivity is quickly replacing religious dogma as the new form of intolerance. I want to commend you for the way in which you kept your cool and resisted being baited into defensive and equally pointless tactics.

  3. thanks for understanding my point of view. the intent of that discussion was just to see what others think abt life and afterlife and if people have good enough reasons to justify their living but unfortunately it took a very different direction. personally, i think people who think that way are yet to evolve so god bless them too

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  5. "The only way you can have your life exactly the way you want it, is to be connected to Spirit." There are many esoteric paths, there are many teachers, and many ways to the light. Ultimately they all lead to the same place within you, to the great light, which is the source of consciousness. Know this -- all the ancient teachings are One. In seeking the ancient way look for the similarities NOT the differences.

    Monk & the essence of huna