Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heart vs Mind

This is an age long debate...that of the heart vs the mind. Which is stronger and which is wiser...I don't think anyone has ever been able to successfully conclude that one. Just thought I will share some thoughts on this one...including some guidance I got from a Brahmakumari. My belief is that the thoughts lie in the mind but when we symbolically divide the mind and the heart, we are really talking about thinking and feeling.

Thinking is a function of the mind and mind is a part of our it becomes a direct function of the body. Thinking is the process of picking thoughts, of one's own or other's and processing them to make sense of them or ultimately lead to some action. Feeling is only about the vibrations or a thought directly generated from our intellect or our higher self. When we sit down peacefully and try to concentrate on any issue / life situation, there are feelings we get about them which could be thoughts from our own higher self or our guides. If one can identify when it is a pure feeling vs when it's a desire created by your own mind to tempt you to something radical, that is when one can really start the journey of wisdom.

I attended a Brahmakumari Raj Yoga session a few days back and this topic crept up and while she was explaining it, I asked her how is it that one can identify when is it that it is an inner voice or your own desire tricking you. It was a very profound answer she gave me. She said when the inner voice speaks, the message is universally accepted without resistance and if one faces resistance within, its an indicator that its a trick of your own mind :)


  1. 1. Although it might have been an age old debate,I believe it must have gained prominance in post industrial era.

    2. I do not see it as mind Vs Heart. These are 2 tools. We need them in synch with each other all the time. However there are times when these two tools are not in synch. degree varies from people to people, situation to situation.

    3. I do not think the issue is which one to follow, because they both do not have any enemity with each other.

    4. Going by that, I do not see there shall be any debate. It shall be mind and heart. Having said that, this topic has relevance till our humanity gets it right.

    Let me explain what I mean.

    1. there are 2 type of people (a) 5 sensory people -These people are logic and survival driven and they are the people after having 5 shots of vodka down,barelt able to walk, when get up to go to loo, stumbles upon a lady sitting next to him in tank top, smiles and say, "you see we only live once so let us make most of it. they have overcharged root chaktra and suck down spiritual energy into lower level and believe in accumlating everything in their possession be it money, weight, miseries or dis ease. they think and believe their feelings are for stupid and uneducated people. They have very low overall senstivity towards any body else needs, however they remain highly emotional ( unregulated, unrationalised and remain discrete in menfesting it as they treat them as their inner weekness. So supressing the emotions is efortless for them and thoughts are their way of life and they see no confusion because they keep emotions contained and only express for one or two people. Generally this is for male. Reverse of this is also true and you will see that in females....( Now for god sake, I am not saying start finding these symptoms in your spouse....)

    (b) six sensory people

    They believe in life beyond one life time. they believe in higher self and although they walk the path decoding mysteries of life, they remain respectful towards it. they have overall higher consciousness and they remain tuned to their inner self and through that to their higherself. they listen to the voice at inner level and follow the signals coming through visulation or in dreams.they have no confusion as long as they are in synch with inner self.However that is not practical and they also have their greed, fears etc. besides all of us have our roots and DNA in 5 sensory system( there are exceptions) and we all are trying to become six sensory in this time and age...we are the one who are like cindrella who hits 12 midnight every 10 minutes.. when our inner self connection breaks and our thoughts and feeling begin to conflict. It is because each moment the kind of pressure we all handle and conflicting priorities, it takes great amount of spiritual energy to remain all the time connected with inner self which is not easy unless you charge your batteries everyday in the morning with meditation.

    so it is in this domain we begin to ask mind vs. heart. It is in this broken link connection, that this question has relvenace. Else if we are clear on purpose of life, have attitude of gratitude ( read contentment) and are holistic with our consciousness towards ecosystem ( not just our needs), we see heart feels and mind adds action to it. It is in this state heart is yin and mind is Yan....incomplete without each other...