Sunday, August 23, 2009

my hypnotherapy expedition

I finally did my Hypnotherapy course at the Past Life Regression Academy, Singapore and I feel absolutely great about it. It's not that I was the best or I didn't keep wondering after looking at the all so accomplished and wonderful people I met there that somehow I could have better utilized the 32 years of my life on this planet, yet it was the most enjoyable and enlightening experience in a long time.

I admit I was a little skeptical when I went in for the course. I didn't know what to expect and Hypnotherapy sounded like some boring science that I was advised to study just so that I can do my past life regression studies...sort of felt like drink your milk otherwise no breakfast today...but...I was pleasantly surprised.
As each day passed, my curiosity for what comes next and my excitement at what was going on kept getting higher. We were 10 people which included 2 people who flew from Australia...Steve and Yanka where Steve has been into healing and body works for over 2 decades now and talking to him for 5 mins or merely being next to him can make one feel the aura, the stream of positive energy flowing through the body. Yanka is one of the most beautiful and warm persons I have met...she is an absolutely amazing woman and Steve and her share this connection that is so evident...her happiness seems to be a reward for the lessons well learnt. Alison and Shirley were two very very sweet Singaporean friends I made, both working as Recruitment Consultants and being young lovely mothers, they showered the cosy, nice feeling to everyone around them. Sandra is an absolute darling. She seemed like the one who has seen life and yet with all that she has seen, her positivity and belief in the goodness of life only seemed to increase. Sudha is the softest, politest and nicest person I have met who somehow manages to say all the right things at the right time. Max...oh how could I forget him...Max is the simplest, no fuss person I have seen...his simplicity in taking decisions and just going with the flow sort of made me wonder so many times that I have a knack for making my life tough. Max and Sudha specially came over from Malaysia to attend the course. Reena...oh she was the youngest and the bubbly one in our gang...sweet and smart at the same time...the best t-shirts with amazing stuff written on them. Louise...she is one inspiring woman. Initially, I didn't think I would get along wit her since she looked as though she didn't like much mingling but yesterday when she and I had a session together...I realized she is kind and brave...from what her life tells me and I admire those qualities in her. It was such an amazing group of people that every single one had an air about them which made them unique and yet we all got so connected instantly that yesterday when we hugged each other to say sort of seemed very sad.

my gang from the training

"You do what you do best and the universe will take care of the rest" is something that really moved and inspired me from one of Reena's t-shirts. It makes a lot of sense I thought.

Now silly of me that I wrote so much about all the students but missed the most amazing teacher. I am sure you must be wondering who was the one who lead us through this journey. Well Toni as we call awesome woman I must say. One doesn't come to know her potential all at once but slowly and slowly when she revealed herself and her true abilities...I sort of kept can she know so much and be so wise all the time :). As Steve rightly mentioned, its great to have a teacher who can hold your hand and take you through the journey of self discovery...because if she would only lead, we could still get lost. I am so looking fwd to our Past Life Regression training since I can only imagine of Toni is so good, Andy (Andy Tomlinson - Author of "Exploring the Eternal Soul" and "Healing the Eternal Soul") would be ever better.

Now coming to what I learnt. I learnt all about how to make people loose weight(specially if they have a strong want yet can't get to do it somehow...even the lazy ones :), to stop smoking, to make one stress free, confidence building / ego boost as they would call it and a lot of other amazing areas where hypnotherapy has a huge success rate. So, yes...I am officially capable of helping people in all of the above and it feels great!

I am so looking fwd to my first hypnotherapy session today :)


  1. Thanks for this post. It does sound like a great way to help oneself and if the inclination is there then the others as well.

    Do they have any such courses in Thailand?

  2. What a wonderful experience you have had. Many years ago, I read the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. It was from there that I began researching and exploring past life regression. I had a session with a licensed clinician who was certified in past life regression from Dr. Weiss himself and I went on a wonderful journey through the past lives I needed to revisit to heal from some problems I was having in this life.

    Our unconscious mind stores everything and sessions such as these can tap into that universal knowledge and lead to better understanding of not only ourselves, but of the world around us.

    I have a blog on here myself and your blog is inspiring me to write more about topics such as these that Im more passionate about instead of just daily rants:)


  3. Thanks was an amazing experience. I read your blog and it looks exciting. I think we have a lot to share here :)

  4. Absolutely. I'm adding you to my list of blogs to follow. Always nice to connect with kindred spirits on this journey!