Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Corona: An alternate perspective

It is a fact that about 38 trillion bacterias and 380 trillion viruses already live inside our body. Corona virus is a pathogen, the kinds that are believed to be attacking us. From what I have understood about it, is that it is also a virus, that can live / survive only inside a living organism. However, since its an aggressive being, the way it behaves in the body becomes so overwhelming that the body starts to feel attacked. Hence the immune system gets into a fighting mode because it wants to throw out this attacker. However, the virus itself just wants to live or co-habit. Its not attacking, its just this guest who wants to get comfortable in your home and make it its own home.

However, we fear it because we see it as the one who has attacked our comfort zone. We have a mental, emotional and comfort zone, the essence of which is encapsulated in the word ‘home’. So within our body, the virus is trying to create home for itself whilst our immune system wants to kill it and protect its home.

If you think deeply, what is another way to deal with this virus? Most logically, the answer I feel is to ‘accommodate’ it within ourselves. Viruses are known to mutate themselves into milder versions of themselves in many cases. This theory makes me wonder, what if we become less defensive to protect our current identity? What if we allow ourselves to be thrown into a little discomfort? What if we let go of the idea of a well chalked out life? What if we embrace and accept strangers and welcome them to our homes? What if we open our hearts to a bit of unconditional love?

If this can be done, as a healer, I feel our immune system will not have to fight the virus but in fact the virus will mutate itself to stay in our bodies for as long as it is comfortable and leave when its role of pushing us to our new sense of being is done. 

I watched a video by Sadhguru that initiated this thought process and I further researched to see this video that finally gave me a sense of direction regarding this concept. 

I know many people will not agree to me. I am not a scientist nor a medical professional so some of my stuff may not be medically accurate but I am a healer who believes in the power of love that each one of us holds within. I sure home we can use this power now, more than ever to heal ourselves of this virus’s negative impacts.