Monday, December 17, 2012

Life, family and relationships - A Conversation

So how did my soul decide to come to this planet?

When the eternal soul got entangled in the web of karma, so entangled that it was unable to understand how to resolve itself, it needed a mirror. This is when it was drawn to experience the physical plane. 

What's so special about the physical plane?

It gives you mirrors. It shows you what you carry within through your family, your relationships, your life situations and your experience with them. It makes you experience love when you carry love within and blame when you carry blame within. You cannot escape / run away from self for wherever you go, your karma follows! But it isn’t a punishment system, it’s a feedback system.

So what's so special about family?

Family is the set of constant mirrors that one manifests which one can hardly run away from. They show you different aspects of yourself in so many different ways. Through a spouse comes your relationship of love with urself, through a child comes your relationship of nurturing urself, through a parent comes your relationship with accepting your creation and so much more with each of them.

So does that mean I will always stay with my family and each member always?

Well, each relationship in one's life is a mirror to some aspect within themselves. When my relationship with loving myself will change, so will what my mirrors show me will also change. Every past / every block / every unresolved memory that I have ever experienced in loving myself through someone, through a difficult life situation will be surfaced. The reason isn't to hinder our progress but rather to facilitate it through the learning we've already had. It's only when that learning don't resonate with us in our current awareness do we experience conflicts. When conflicts arise, they bring discomfort in the form of pain, hurt, anger, blame and misery. 

So what to do when we feel like a victim? When we exp pain and misery?
• Bring awareness to self. The moment we drop any outward action...the blame, the pity, the anger and realize we are attracting it, it initiates the process of that energy dissolving itself.
• Bring complete acceptance of your reality. We usually only accept partial realities, because it's difficult to face our mistakes, our shames. Non-acceptance of this reality only prolongs the process of resolving the root cause of the misery. Forgive urself consciously for your contribution to the situation and accept everything unreasonably.
• Stop justifying your truth at the cost of others. Stop telling urself but what happened was REALLY wrong, or what so and so did was wrong, or what so and so happened is why all of it happened. Realize you ATTRACTED all of that you call wrong because at some level you only lack understanding of that aspect which is in conflict. By justifying the existence of this conflict, you will only energize it.
• Empower yourself by knowing you created this pain, this blame, this anger and it has arisen out of a conflict within. If you are it's creator, you can destroy it too.
• Create an intent to learn the lesson that misery brings through that conflict in the highest and best way. 
• Know it shall be done. One shall be facilitated. As long as one stay's focused inwardly, they can heal it at the deepest level and resolve it forever. This sort of healing will do two things. It will resolve that conflict at the soul level forever hence stopping itself to attract it again and it will expand the conscious awareness of your soul so that it does not create further karma based on this conflicted understanding.

Do our relationships last forever?

Yes they do but not necessarily in the way we perceive them. They transform, they evolve as we evolve. If A and B were married 20 years ago, they have served each other as a mirror for that time. When their relationship would have begun, in most cases, they would have started by seeing the love that they carry for themselves through the other and hence experienced love for them. When love is experienced by a soul, it will also surface it's lack of understanding of love, the rejection it's felt as lone, the betrayal it's felt through love, the suffering that love brought and the unforgiveness for self above all to allow it happen to self. All of this comes up not to bother one but for it's all what the soul believes love is. Now if the soul believes love is betrayal and unforgiveness, it will manifest / attract them through a life situation / relationship / person. It won't be easy to face and accept the betrayal as one's own. There will be a need to disown it, to blame, to justify it was never my fault but all of this will never even begin the healing process because one will be defying the basic principal of the 'law of attraction' which works all the time...we are the soul magnets...we attract everything BUT from the sub-conscious level.

If A is able to stay focused inwardly, he/she will be able to heal their relationship with B because B was only a mirror to what A carried within. BUT, their relationship will also transcend to a new level now. If B is able to make the same journey inwardly and both meet at a point of self-love and compassion, they will stay in compassion and in a mutually agreeable relationship forever. However if A makes it and B doesn't, then A will be facilitated out of the situation and inspite of B's need to hold-on to A, the universe will resolve it for the one who's able to forgive oneself.

In either case, the relationship MUST go through a transformation because one learns deeper about loving themselves as they move fwd. What A could see through B 20 yrs back was what A could understand about loving self then. In 20 yrs both have learnt deeper about loving themselves and hence what they see through each other is only a deeper understanding of loving self. The deeper you go, the more intense it gets and hence the gravest mistakes / lacks will also surface. This only facilitates further depth. 

The need of A to hold-on to B or B to hold-on to A...the need for A to stick to the relationship 20 yrs back or B for the same is only non-acceptance of themselves in this present moment. It is bound to give misery.

Love never meant possessing, only meant allowing self and the other to be. It also means if the one you love has a role to play in your journey and you have in theirs, it will be facilitated lovingly so. If not, realize that your energy is guiding you to rise above it and find yourself through other means. Love isn't and cannot be forced. If one loves self, they will experience love from everyone around naturally and effortlessly so.

What's the final crux of this conversation?

Finally, if you want the mirror to show you differently, the only way is to change it within. Life is about moving fwd in complete trust that whatever is needed for one's growth, will be attracted. Holding-on to any person / relationship or life situation only brings misery where letting it go in complete trust and surrender expands the love we carry within and our experience of love too.

Forgiveness for self and others is key. Life is an experience. It grows and changes mirrors. Accept change. Accept the flow.

Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 - The New Age Shift, as I understand it!

This is an year old article that I am posting on the blog from my facebook notes - thought it's all the more relevant now!

There was so much of diversity of opinions about what would happen in 2012. I have talked to friends whom I believe know more than me on the subject and also read a lot on 2012. When I looked around at the Volcanoes that were erupting, the Tsunamis, the earthquakes, something told me the shift had already begun. Over the past few months that I have been practicing connecting with the creator and my higher self, my understanding about 2012 was growing. I just thought I will share my understanding about 2012 from whatever stayed as an impression from my own inner guidance and what others shared with me and see if it makes sense.

The earth's vibrations were rising at a very steady pace. Various methods of measurement created varied results but there was enough evidence to show that the vibrations had already risen significantly and they were increasing rapidly. Earth's vibrations are like "heartbeat" to the earth. With higher vibrations, the normal 24hrs in a day will finally leave up to only 16 hrs in effective earth time, which is why we probably experience this need to hurry in us. This phenomenon also brings about migraines, back aches, muscles pain, chronically tiredness, cramps, flues and other symptoms in the human body. It is even predicted by many that the DNA of humans will be reprogrammed when the vibrations reach the maximum which is expected to be in 2012. This will mean higher human consciousness, third eye opening, and enhanced ability to connect and experience the divine and greater understanding of their subconscious mind by all humans.

Each person who is on their evolution journey will experience great amount of shifts in their consciousness and connectivity with the life force energy. Mayan calendar didn't predict this planet to survive 2012. My opinion was that the earth will survive it, thanks to the great shift in consciousness to save the planet and raise our own personal energies but the mass destruction and removal of a substantial amount of negative energy is inevitable. There are different types of souls right now on the planet. There are aliens, who have come to help save this planet via technology that they possess and we don't. I had read news recently about a Chinese airport being shut down because of UFO sightings for 1 hr the other day. Australia is a hub of UFO activity for some reason. Some of my Australian friends and whom I believe to be much evolved souls had shared so many experiences with me where they have regressed people and they seem to venture into other dimensions of time or space and they speak diff languages and do stuff we haven’t had the capacity or opportunity to do as yet. Initially these talks sort of scared me but now I understand its all for the good of this planet.

2012 is a great historic event for this galaxy and many souls are attracted to witness and be a part of it. Many souls have reincarnated, especially to participate in this shift and make their contribution to saving this great planet. We have Indigo, Crystalline and Rainbow children who are an integral part of making this happen. Many souls who have been on this planet for a while but have not been able to contribute positively to the planet will now be forced to leave this planet and go elsewhere to complete their karmic journey. Many divine souls are here just to experience this shift and go. They have subconsciously placed themselves at sensitive energy centres where they will become a part of the energy moving out of this planet. Many souls have planned to be a part of the new world so they will stay on and grow. Every person who is spiritually evolved and connected will be able to help others around them to raise their vibrations and survive the change.

Shivi shared this knowledge with me and I found it to make so much sense. Right now we are living in the 3rd dimension. From 2012 onwards, we will move to the 4th dimension, triggered by the polarity of the planet reversed and the many impacts of it. Right now, the process of manifestation is thought followed by creating an emotion for it, then action on it and then manifestation. In the 4th dimension, it will be thought, emotion and manifestation. Since we are getting closer to the shift, for many people who are working with higher vibrations anyway, this has started happening.

In 2013, that is when we enter a new world of positivity and divinity, we will be shifted to the 5th dimension. The manifestation process will be further shortened with even the need to create an emotion going away and directly thoughts will have the power to manifest something in the physical reality. Obviously we will still have our karmic journeys and whatever is in our best and highest good but manifestation will be more straightforward and will be directly linked with the power of our thought.

Karmically, a lot of people and faiths have been waiting for 2010 to arrive. On the evolution journey, with all these planetary changes, people are magnetically driven to resolve their karmas and clean their energies. These include all past life karmas and all beliefs that we carry in our subconscious minds as a result of the distortion through earthly experiences. A rise in spiritual levels is very evident around us and more and more people who were highly logic driven can be seen getting drawn to exploring their inner divine self.
It is almost as if someone is holding this big magnet for impurities in the heaven and all our impurities, negative energy, beliefs against us or others are getting pulled out of our energies and merging into the divine. It's about allowing that what is not serving us for our best to go.

The message is to "STAY IN LOVE" and "BE FROM THE HEART" as reminded by a friend. It's not important to make a conscious contribution but to let the guidance within flow and let transformation happen effortlessly. My idea of this note for us to remember that we are been given the opportunity to be a part of this celebratory event in the universe and the least we can do is BE OURSELVES in all the senses of that phrase and live a life of compassion for all taht there is.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Growth or Evolution ?

Growth is what can be seen while evolution is what can be trusted. Growth is what is perceived by others while evolution is what is experienced in each moment. One can grow much faster than what they can evolve to and it maynot be if one is growing they are actually evolving too.

Most of the growth happens in the preparation for evolution. Once the preparation is done, evolution needs space and energy to happen and be lived. Till we shed our need for growth, we may never see the evolution that is happening underneath. Once a step in evolution is complete, growth happens at the deeper level for it to be felt externally too but it may fall short of one's expectations if they measure it with what they perceive to be growth.

Both are about moving fwd but growth is based on comparison. It doesn't serve as a measure for appreciating self in absolute terms.

It's a lack of understanding which makes evolution less evident in the physical reality than growth. As one evolves and they learn to love and accept self, they grow in every way and aspect. It's important to trust one's evolution to reach till their physical reality moves fwd to give them whatever they believe will give them joy.