Friday, October 2, 2009

Spiritual Regression (Life between Lives)

I have talked about Past Life Regression many times on this blog, but now there is this term that you might come across called "Spiritual Regression", which is what I intend to explain in this post. Where Past Life Regression refers to regressing someone to see and experience their past lives, spiritual regression refers to taking one to a time between two lives, when they are in spirit form and they reside on the spiritual plane. This has been the area of research of Dr. Micheal Newton, who has covered it completely in two of his books called "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" via methods of several case studies.

Spiritual Regression is a highly specialized technique of directing a person to the time when they have died in one life and not born into another. Dr. Newton has regressed thousands of people using this technique to the spirit realms and the findings of his research are amazing. He has been able to define the colors, patterns, look & feel and other things about the spiritual plane. What do souls look like, how are they grouped into primary and secondary clusters, what are their levels of evolution, what kind of light they emit, what is the significance of each color in the emitted light, who are guides, role of guides in our journey, how and why do souls choose difficult lifetimes, counsel of advisors etc.

It's an amazing number of facts that one can find out about their own souls, why they planned their life in a certain way, who are their soulmates, what are the lessons they intend to learn, meet their spirit guides etc.

According to his research Dr. Newton has divided souls into three stages of evolution, beginning, intermediate and advanced where reaching from one level to another may take several lifetimes and 100s of thousands of years in earth time.

Andy Tomlinson, author of "Healing the Eternal Soul" reckons that experiences of people from spiritual regression suggest that when planning new lives, karma is viewed as progressive and repetitive, i.e. new lives are planned to be progressively more difficult but within the soul's ability to successfully achieve their karmic goals. This maynot exactly work this way because souls still have free will to choose the speed over which they would want to complete their journey. Some souls opt for challenging lifetimes for faster progression while others could do it slowly using many lifetimes. Souls also have the ability to divide their energy and have several parallel life on earth, where their lives on earth are usually not related. This can have two advantages if the soul can handle it, first being is they screw up in one life and do well in another, they still achieve a lot and second that to review two lifetimes, they get to spend a lot more time on the spirit plane which is home to all souls.

The important point while planning a life is that karmic patterns of the right difficulty will be encountered. This is often done with souls from the same soul group with the help of their spirit guides discussing their karmic requirements and where matches take place, agreeing roles they will take. Thus a complex web of working together to mutually fulfilling each life goal is created. We are attracted to meet these in our current life at a soul level, unaware consciously that we are setting up the conditions for repeating our karmic patterns of betrayal, abuse, loneliness, willing victim etc, till the learning is complete.

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  1. A great book I read years ago that touches on this is

    Memories of God and Creation: Remembering from the Subconscious Mind ~ by Dr. Shakuntala Modi

    Really eye opening stuff! Great post today!

  2. Great information in the post! There's now a 4th book in the Michael Newton Life Between Lives series that has just been released called Memories of the Afterlife which include 32 case studies by members of The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy and it was edited by Michael Newton.

  3. I've read Journey of Souls and loved it. Looking for a copy of Destiny of Souls in Norwegian - hopefully I find one soon. I haven't heard about Andy Tomlinson before .. have to check out that one too.
    Great blog - very interesting post.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Torilpia,

    You might want to check the Michael Newton website to see if there is anyone in Norway who does this work, they may be able to inform you of the availability of the books in Norwegian...