Monday, September 14, 2009

our "FUTURE" is usually a reflection of our "PAST"

Now, I know that is a very bold statement to make that our so called "FUTURE" that we keep dreaming about and thinking of, is a reflection of our "PAST" but consider that most of our lives, we keep worrying about our past or our future and usually, when we look at our future, we relate it to our past by working from the area of past failures. Instead of making a fresh start from the present, we live in our past...we let the fears from the past take over the bright future we could have had, if we would have operated from the present leaving behind all the negativity, suffering and baggage from our past.

As the saying goes "We expect a different result by doing the same thing over and over again"...well that it's possible. When something has gone wrong in the past...a bad relationship, a bad business or any other personal or professional failure, instead of learning from it and considering if there was a lesson for us in that, we prefer to subside it by means of distraction, crying, drinking, shopping, depression or anything and slowly, with time, fall in the same trap again. In the case of professional failures, its easier for people to learn lessons because there is objectivity involved and the success and failures are measurable but in the case of personal failures, it's important to trace patterns of failure or incompleteness, its important to find out why a certain thing happened to you before you let it go from your's important to accept your present in the absence of that thing or person and yet, know what is it that you learnt to help you deal with a similar situation again.

The Future can be better, happier and more peaceful and all it requires is for us to operate from NOW, from the present moment. Only carry the lessons learnt from the past and not the instances / emotions / feelings, suffering / wounds...anything light into the new future which will be better and brighter once it is not more in the shadow of the past.

The present is always happy and powerful...and that is all that is is all an illusion...everything there is in this live it every bit :)


  1. not usually but always...I make one statement in all my workshops and mentoring sessions and could be useful here. ""you can always change your past and this is the only way to discover your destiny"". Being one of the less fortunte one ( or call me brave soul) I had to break so many patterns of my various past lives to make sense out of this life and yet i am struggling..I only chnaged my past and each time I did, I made quantum jump in my evolution....

  2. A lot of wisom in your post. I like it!

    These are issues I'm working with myself. Burning a lot of "old baggage" I'll hopefully have a lighter future to look forward to.

  3. It took me quite some time but I finally realized that I was holding on to so much from the past..I had to let it go and fully embrace the NOw in my life and sure life began to change.

    Certainly, I have moments where I regress to that old behavior but Im fully aware of it and I change my thoughts and get focused again.

    Living my life with intent,