Tuesday, August 4, 2009


we all live in fear. for some it is the fear of unknown, the unknown future, the fear of being a nobody, the fear of being alone,the fear of death, emptyness.....this list is endless.

to overcome or to avoid confronting this fear we resort to overwork and quest for something, eg creating wealth, having power, having a family etc etc. these ultimately act as opiate to our minds by not letting us confront the fears that we all have. since we never confront them, we are seldom able to overcome them. in the end we just keep running and running fron these fears till our final moment of realisation.

at times it does feel that the meditation is also an opiate or self hypnosis technique we have created to adapt to a world which does not revolve around us according to our needs and fancies. the whole concept of past life, reincarnation, soul and karmic relationsthen appear to be concepts made to make the life bearable for those disillusioned by it.

does the "peace" achieved by meditation not a compromise between the strive to fight for what i want and need that is "true happiness" even if just for a while? is it the passive acceptance of the present i dont want to change and thus escapism from this reality?

yes, these are the contradictions i have also faced and i believe lot of us have. there are no easy answers except that the ultimate goal is to be at peace. at peace with what we are, the true person within all of us. the one which is the seeker for all the answers.

no one can give an answers to our internal turmoil and fears, we all have to confront our selves and find our own answers our own way. be it the EFT, work,relations ...whateverin our own way. this is the actual quest of life.

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