Monday, July 20, 2009

guardian you have one?

Guardian Angel - Our spirit guides

now all of us have heard stories that say we all have guardian angels that protect us from any harm ad some religions and faiths do believe that while we are still children, we are able to see and talk to our guardian angels but as we grow up, we stop believing so much in our so called imaginary freinds and hence we loose the belief in their existence

now from what i have understood after a bit of research on past lives, afterlife and souls is that every single soul has a guide / a teacher / a guardian angel who takes on the responsibility to guide us, mentor us through the journey of our soul...our guide helps us to understand and learn what we need to learn and helps us plan our lessons to be learnt while we are on earth, to review our past lives, to help us understand where we are going and most important of all, they help us forget the traumas, emotions, overwelming feelings we might have from a past life that our soul isn't willing to let go

guides / guardian angels have a very important role to play in our lives, not only in the spirit world but also while we are on earth. they have the capability to implant thoughts in our mind...which we call as our inner voice or sometimes there are these very powerful intuitions we have, which tell us something is an absolute must do, or something is just not to be done. it's not always the guides, but mostly it is but sometimes its the voice of our own soul that guides us too. the difference can be made since mostly when our angels are guiding us, we will get intuitive powers on things that maynot be connected to us, or are very different from our thought process

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  1. Having done my bit in this area where I have led people into past lives and have seen and was led into them, yes we all have an angel but let us expand on this statement a bit more.

    we know that we choose our parents among many probable possibilities of parents. we even combine it with our zodiac sign to have the traits of that zodiac sign which we need most for our evolution. we never are alone at etheric level but a group of souls and when we take birth we do have a mentor above. I even got name of my mentor during one of the sessions.
    having said that support group of souls also take birth in that ecosystem of ours, hence apart from mentor, there are human being who are part of our support group to offer us best scenarios for evolution.