Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Proof Of Past Life Memories Being Real

Many of you would be wondering if past lives are real. Can we actually experience our past lives? Sometimes we might even question, why experience past lives? Isn’t living in the present moment the best thing to do?

The answer to these questions lie in further questions. Are you sure you understand all that is happening in your life / relationships? Do we all not have the sense of the presence of a force that stops us at times when we are close to getting what we want or for that matter a force that allows us to have something which we hadn’t imagined? Yes, weather we are logical or scientific, doesn’t matter but the unresolved memories of our past always interfere in this moment. It’s like they are very much “alive” in this moment and hence whatever we do or feel, they are able to contribute to it at the sub-conscious level.

Here have been many instances where people have been able to go to their past and experience things which they were unaware of in the current life but they were validated to have existed. Sometimes people start speaking languages that they don’t know in this life and sometimes even ancient languages which are extinct on this planet too.

Dr Ian Stevenson, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia Medical School, has spent many years investigating claims by several children across the globe that they could recall a past life. Some of them could see dreams of places that were not in their current environment or absolutely foreign. Some of them will even know names, the way they died and maybe who killed them. Many such cases were reported from India itself. Many of these children were under the age of 5. He interviewed over four thousand children from the United States, England, Thailand, Burma, Turkey, Lebanon, Canada, India and other places, who claimed that they could remember a number of incidents from a past life.

He verified documents, letters, places, autopsy records, birth and death certificates, hospital records, photographs, newspaper reports and so much more. For many of them physical verification was done in both their current place of existence as well as where they claimed they were living earlier. He has written several books on the “suggestive reincarnation” topic.

The last thing to remember is, if we believe, it’s a whole new world to explore and we might find answers that we always looked for when we open up to the depths of our past. If we are a non-believer, then also, we will live those unresolved emotions / those fears that come from nowhere and those setbacks that are unexplained. It’s just that we can deny facing it as ourselves.
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