Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Past Life Regression – 7 Point Technique

When the topic is “Past lives”, well there are many who still believe that it’s unreal. Being a therapist of Past Life Regression, Minal Arora claims she receives cases on a daily basis that require and are healed through therapy while there are also people who want to undergo sessions for only finding out if it’s real that they can explore their past.

A few important points to be noted here are that regression is a process that usually uses hypnosis as a technique. Now the level of trance used in a regression is mild. It’s not that one will lose their consciousness etc like in stage hypnosis. This is clinical hypnosis which is very safe and very mild at the same time. The conscious mind is always at the background and it always is witnessing the process. Slowly as the story unfolds, the subject most likely will go into deeper level of trance where the conscious mind awareness lessens. However, this also depends on the past life being revealed, the depth of the memory. Sometimes, the interest level of the conscious mind can be low or there could be a resistance to experiencing something and hence it could interfere in the process. The success of a regression session is dependent on the level of trust & surrender that a subject can do both consciously & sub-consciously.

A few important points when you have booked a Past Life Regression Therapy Session with a therapist

1.    Always ensure that it’s a Past Life Regression “therapy” session. Taking someone into a past life is something that anyone trained in hypnosis can do, but handling the past life of a subject and guiding them to the right past lives for release plus the release mechanism used is very crucial.

2.    Ensure the therapist is trained in “Past Life Regression”.

3.    Do not expect anything from the session. PLRT is a release process and the release happens as the memory unfolds. How you will experience it externally on a conscious level or the amount of dramatics you will experience does not change anything in the release process. Be focused on the intent to release and trust it starts happening almost instantly as you reach the right level of trance.

4.    Trust your therapist to know what they are doing during the session. Sometimes, there are tricks that need to be used to pull out a memory or access some specifics or maybe even to experience a past life.

5.    Do not go for this therapy if you have money constraints. This is an expensive therapy and you will find therapists charging from 2000 INR an hour to 5000 INR an hour. Revealing a past life and healing it might take 3-4 hrs sometimes. If you are pressed for money, it means that sub-consciously there is already a need to derive value out of what you have spent . That expectation can put in fear / doubt in your session and bring disappointment. When you go for it, believe that there is nothing to lose.

6.    Remember that regression is a guided process and usually our spirit guides are guiding the session. Sometimes it’s called upon even to prepare a release where something might be so deep that it may fail to come-up in one go. When that happens, it’s also important and it helps the overall release process of a soul

7.    Trust & Surrender to your higher self. Just know that resolving past lives or the sub-conscious is a journey. Our unresolved past continuously impacts our present moment and a session will only initiate the journey. You must follow it through.

One excellent way of following up your spiritual journey which is more economical that Past Life Regression and has a much wider scope and effectiveness is using a therapy called “Serenity Surrender” or SS. If past life memories were put in a matrix of rows and columns, the rows are past lives and columns are emotions experienced. Regression will address it row by row which means you have to go through one past life and then another. SS will go emotion by emotion where you can resolve one emotion vertically across many lives. It’s extremely effective specially for people who are not good hypnotic subjects and carry fears / phobias / depression / relationship concerns etc.
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