Monday, June 24, 2013


Today I realized ..our deepest desire carries the seed to our deepest fear. We keep chasing the desire and in the process keep bringing the deepest fear to the surface. One day, we can see the fear bigger than the desire itself. This is the point where if we choose faith and face the fear head-on, we can bring a transformation to our being. The desire may or may not be in line with our growth but that we'll know only when we get rid of the fear. We are able to see the desire unconditionally. At this point, if its there and we can just allow it to be, minus the fear and expectations, it comes to us in due time or our energies move on to the next stage in their evolution. If, however, we choose fear, we can stay in conflict and suffering for a long time, till we manifest a physical situation / circumstance where the fear shows us it's magnitude. At this point also if we face it, we can resolve it but it can get very intense and dis-empowering when dealt with feeling like a victim of one's circumstance.

Choosing faith over fear is the first step to moving towards victory over the fear.

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  1. This really resonates with me. The things I desire the most, I seem to be afraid of achieving. Dreams are scary! It really makes sense that fear is in the root of desire. <3