Friday, May 3, 2013

Future “Progression” – Is it possible to know my future?

Well along with “Past Life Regression”, there is also something called “Future Life Progression”, which is all about going in the future and knowing what lies ahead. Although there is this concept & it works, as a well known past life therapist, Minal Arora suggests that one needs to carefully understand the whole concept before it is to be used.

Through a progression, one can be hypnotically taken to their future say 1 year hence, 5 years hence or 10 years hence. Entire details of scene can be derived depending on the ability of the client to trust his / her experience; it can fetch some very useful information about the projection of the future as per the current energies.

The idea of getting a progression done is not really to see a future or create blocks in the present but it is to understand the impacts of the decisions made in the present moment on their probable future. It helps people to closely understand their choices, relationships and their impact / role on their current life in the current moment and shift them if they receive adverse guidance through their progression.

It is extremely important to remember that our future is variable and it varies as per the choices we make in this moment. Whatever a progression shows, is what the sub-conscious energies make it as per the choices of now. Progressions are helpful to people who are at a critical milestone / decision making point in their life where they need to choose one direction out of two. Usually in such a case, I have observed that the experience of the projected future will show them which path will bring what for them. Although that is also only as per this moment and these situations and yet could help people willing to take a stand in life. Each choice that we make only leads to our growth and we only learn but the learning sometimes come easier and sometimes with a lot of suffering. In moments where it is difficult to choose a direction, this guidance can help in reaching the next stage of the choice.

It is also possible to experience one’s future lives. Of course there is no validation for these but there are world renowned therapists who have done progressions of masses and more than 70 percent people have seen similar times on this planet say 100 yrs hence or 500 yrs hence which validates that the mass consciousness does carry a projection of the future of their lives & this planet’s existence even in this moment.

Should we let being “real or not” be our criteria?  What is real? If you can see it in your “imagination”, it is as real as being real gets. We often believe too much in the mind and the physical reality but when looked at from above, this is also just one more reality. Whatever our energies believe in this moment & project, in that moment that is their reality as it will be created. In between if one makes choices that alter that reality, they can land-up creating a new ”future” as well.

If one can constructively use the information / experience of a progression then it can help them in this moment & this reality. It’s not about living in the future than the present but it’s about creating a better present through guidance from the future!

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