Friday, March 22, 2019

Clown Wisdom

Today I think of clowns. They are the funniest people who make us laugh, yet there are novels and movies that projected a clown as mysterious and evil.


I have always felt scared of clowns more than I enjoyed them, which is something I noticed today when I accidentally came across a picture of a clown on the internet. In my growing up years, I read Stephen King's IT which was later in my teenage years adapted into a TV series and then into a motion picture. It was the story of how hell broke loose on a bunch of kids due to the evil intentions of the clown. I actually don't even fully remember the story or just remember some mixed version from the book and TV serial.

Today when I think about it, I realised the thing that scared me about the clown being the evil character, more than if any normal person would have been the Villian was that I couldn't see his face. His face was unrecognizable. The clown revealed to me what I cannot see and yet is evil. What you can see, to an extent it feels like you can control since you can also see it's boundaries. By seeing it's boundaries, one can define their own boundaries(read limitations) and provision to counter what doesn't seem to be within the scope of their abilities. 

The clown, however, is mysterious since his face cannot be recognised, he could be anyone, he seems to be limitless in his ability to think, feel and become for he can mimic people, play different emotions and jump from one state of being to another within no time. He is thus unpredictable and can bring upon the experience of the unknown in way that one can be left helpless not having enough provisions to counter, stop or soften their experience.

If we are prepared to face whatever is within with grace and acceptance then having a clown around isn't such a bad idea. They can be entertaining. However, most of us fear what they might reveal hence keep them away for they challenge our trust in our own wisdom.

Art by an unknown artist

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