Friday, August 10, 2018

Knock! Knock! dear GOOD LUCK! Are you in?

Lessons can be learnt in several ways and they are learnt through anything & everything we do. However, some ways we choose are difficult and others are easier.

It's important to understand that something being effortful (read difficult) & another being effortless  (read easy) are perspectives of an individual and they reflect the measure of one’s experience vs their perceived potential. There is nothing that is easy or difficult in absolute terms. Once we recognise that effortlessness is relative and has a unique meaning for each one, then what seems to be lucky for one may not carry any meaning for another. If one feels they are unlucky, it’s their non-acceptance or limitation of their potential that the bad luck represents. Eventually, everything is happening as per the divine plan so everything is in perfect order. From that perspective, what one gets or doesn’t get is a part of the divine order and fits perfectly well with the bigger plan. Going by that logic, everything is lucky since we luckily exist in this multi-dimensional energy matrix called this universe.

It is possible that one wanted to make an investment in a business venture, but they couldn’t afford it and they considered themselves unlucky since all their friends invested and they were left behind. After a few months, the investment went into losses and when all their friends were worrying over their loss, this one was realising how in fact it was their luck that saved then.

Another scenario is where one considers themselves lucky. What I understand they mean is either they get everything or almost everything they ask for or they have placed their entire attention in any one aspect of their life where they feel no matter what happens, but stability & love survives.

If one gets all that they ask for, they must have done something to deserve that. However, in my experience this universe is not only a very magical existence, it is a very intricately created web of so many permutations & combinations that what is happening now & what it will make do tomorrow cannot be envisaged.

For example, one might consider themselves to be very lucky for they got to marry the one they loved and 10 years later they could see the same marriage as bad luck. One might be very lucky to be living in a big mansion but at some point, that same mansion might become their confinement.

As per me, luck is just one’s perspective to be able to see the divine order in anything & everything. In moments one can, they feel lucky. In moments when one can’t, they feel unlucky. Seeing opportunity of a breakthrough in a breakdown is good luck & seeing opportunity of a breakdown in a breakthrough is bad luck. They are two sides of the same coin.

When one is able to develop the ability to believe or trust that in whatever they don’t like right now, there still is divine energy’s presence and this situation will be a perfect piece in the puzzle, they will transcend the concept of luck. Beyond the concept of luck lies faith & surrender. Faith is a choice when made in adverse circumstances, it transforms one’s experience of bad luck into good luck for the choice itself has reversed the direction of flow of energy from bad to good. The results manifest magically so and one feels lucky!


  1. "in the moments we see divine order in all that is happening we feel lucky and when we can't, we don't". Thank you for simplifying this.