Friday, August 3, 2018

Feminism – A very misplaced concept

Many people ask me for my idea of feminism. My first thought on being asked “what is your message for the women of…” is that why only women?

I believe men & women are created differently not because one was meant to rule & the other was meant to serve, but, solely because there are two faculties of our personality, mind or existence that co-exist and must always be in balance, so it was only natural for them to possess different characteristics. Unlike what a lot of people seem to be unaware of, we all carry both masculine & feminine energies. Our masculine side is that which interacts with the physical world or outside world. Our feminine energy is that which interacts with our inner world. This is the reason why the world has so far functioned such that naturally men took on the roles of taking care of the physical side of things & ensure physical survival, while women were responsible for nurturing and taking care of the subtle aspects like emotions & relationships.

The male or female body was merely a representation of the soul’s choice of staying more focused on the outer or the inner for the sake of its chosen lessons.

Women liberation does not mean that women start fighting men & in turn become what they have hated in men so far. Equality of sexes does not mean the sexes actually start competing with each other for each other’s respective roles. If a task needs more physical strength then if a woman does it, she will naturally be draining her energy to create that extra strength which by virtue of being a man, a male body will naturally possess. Similarly, an activity which needs more emotional awareness then a man doing it can take a toll on his energy while a woman can find it quite effortless for fulfil the respective aspect in the household or anywhere. So instead of trying to drain our energies in the need to replace or punish the other gender, if we recognise the strength of our gender and give its respective position of grace to both the genders, that will mean equality of gender.

Feminism in today’s day & age is based on an assumption that women have been supressed & oppressed for centuries. This is true, however, one has to take into account that from a spiritual perspective, a soul does not have gender. It simply means the same soul who’s experiencing suppression today as a woman could have supressed women as a man in previous lifetimes. You cannot disregard the fact that karma is a very fair & automatic system so whoever is experiencing whatever today, they have manifested that reality for a reason. The way to transform that reality isn’t to deny it or fight it but to understand & accept one’s gender & its truth fully. Then recognise the power of the other gender within so that one strikes an inner balance. It’s only an inner balance of masculine & feminine that can create a balance harmonious life for anyone and the initiation of that happens within.

True Feminism lies in the recognition of the unique contribution of femininity to this planet and valuing that contribution by embracing feminity fully. It's the belief of the feminine in her lack of power that she is considered weak & helpless. When the feminine aspect recognises it's role and how that can only be fulfilled by the qualities of the feminine, it will no more seek to become masculine or compete with the masculine for acceptance of self!

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