Sunday, June 24, 2018


I have pondered over this quite a lot that when one says “they are spiritual”, what are they actually implying? Is it that, I am above the rest because I believe I am more connected with God, or myself or the universal consciousness or what?

It’s very common these days to hear these statements saying “I am very positive”, “I only look at the positive side”, “I am spiritual that’s why I have been able to forgive” etc.

What exactly is being Spiritual? I think its living in awareness of one’s ‘Spirit’. Ideally, that should have been our natural state of existence but given that we have created a lot of stuff on the way to becoming who we are today, it is a privilege if we can stay in the awareness of being a Spirit having a human experience. Considering that all of us are ‘Spirits’ nonetheless, maybe the subtle ego that people by patting their backs for their awareness also needs to be brought to awareness.

It is natural for one to feel ‘special’ or ‘different’ when they do something that others look upto. Maybe being aware of self is one such thing which inherently every soul seeks and is a need of the hour on this planet hence it has gained popularity to the extent that doing a few courses and learning a few jargons of the so-called ‘spiritual world’ is good enough for anyone to start commanding more attention from their peers.

Is it true? Do we actually become special if we live in awareness of self? Well, I think the most benefit out of our awareness comes to ourselves. It helps us stay grounded and empowered to deal with our life situations & relationships. It’s not that spiritual people can’t make mistakes or feel negative emotions, but they stand a better chance at handling their experience with grace if they live in awareness of their learning through the adverse experience.

What a spiritual person can give to others is not really for them to decide. The sun did not decide it will give light to earth and not to Pluto. Let what others receive be the prerogative of the receiver. Spirituality is meant to allow one to be themselves without the need to be externally followed or appraised since the sun doesn’t bother if any external light is falling on it or not. If one eventually wants to use the recognition & acknowledgment of others as their light then the whole purpose of being spiritual is really lost.

Spirituality is all about loving self & others. Lets only stay in love & allow love. Seeking more than that is an Ego that blocks the light of the Spirit within!

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