Monday, April 13, 2015

New Age Parenting

In today’s age, parenting consumes a lot of time for all those who have chosen to go through the experience. It’s not all rosy & involves a lot of stress, effort, money & even conflicts. I am not sure how many parents are actually able to enjoy parenting other than those few moments when the child gets highest marks or makes you a best parent greeting card. Mostly the concept of parenting is burdened with “responsibility” and this concept is so misunderstood in our energies that soon after the child is born, all the happiness and bliss is replaced with responsibility and stress.

Yes we have chosen to be responsible for another soul’s journey by bringing them to this planet but that’s not all. From the soul’s perspective, I have chosen to become a channel to facilitate the creation of another soul. Mind you, only a channel to facilitate. This soul might have been into different relationships with me in several lifetimes. In this lifetime, the sacred contract within me & my child is such that I will provide him / her with the right environment for it’s growth & facilitate the lessons it wishes to learn and in return, it will serve as a mirror to me for change. My child keeps me in touch with the changing energies of this planet.

When we see our children growing, there are times when what they think, believe or do is in conflict with our value system. At other times however, we see them making the same mistakes as us or carrying the same weaknesses as us. In both scenarios, we try to change them, to teach them the “right” way. This is why they are here. This is exactly why we chose them. They show us our inner conflicts in a physical manner. They trigger our inner conflicts and lead us to change. With age / time we develop belief systems like study is the only way to grow, or money is the most important thing in life, or fitness is all that can make you happy, or that god wants us to sacrifice and we just keep living them without realising when the era changes and there is need for change within us. This when parenting happens. Our children show us change in the society / culture / value system and they push us to accepting & embracing the new.

Those souls chosen as children, we have deep karmic links with and hence it’s tough to ignore them. The deeper our resistance to change, the deeper conflicts we experience with our parents or children.

If a mother comes to me saying my child is very weak in studies and cannot concentrate, please help her then I usually guide the mother to first do my healing workshop & learn to deal with herself and her belief system that gives her the understanding that without studying, her child will become unsuccessful. This isn’t to demean the value of knowledge in anyway but if the parent can address their fears that are presented through the child, in many cases if the child is too young and have not yet started living his own karma, the problem will be sorted by the parent healing themselves only. Further, if the child needs any healing, their energies can be worked upon too but since the parent has dealt with their fears & expectations, it allows the child soul to freely take a path that is for the highest best as per their plan. After all every soul isn’t here to do the same thing. Someone might need to be brilliant academically to reach where they have chosen to live their experiences while in other cases academic brilliance might be considered a hindrance & hence not required for whatever they have chosen to experience. What we fear for our children may mean something for us, which is why even parents of the same child do not fear the same for their child. They are focused at the aspect of self that the child reflects to them.

Responsibility does not mean we need to control the direction of the child. It just means we must be there to facilitate what’s needed by the child for their own growth. There are souls who have chosen to experience conflicts between parents in order to trigger their own internal conflicts with regards to marriage, society, mate, love, relationships also. I did mention in my book “Maaya: A tryst with self” that even though a child might be in a fragile body but it’s a whole & complete soul. It’s important to free our children of our own conflicted belief system & just guide them but not impose ourselves on them. Trust that the way you are connected with the source, so are they and they will also be guided to what’s best for them.

About the Author

Minal Arora: Minal is an Author, Therapist & Mentor. She teaches people on how to reflect on the basic idea of life from a spiritual perspective. She is also the author of the much talked about book ‘Maaya: A tryst with self’ which is an account on soulmate / twin soul relationships.  She practices New Age therapies like Past Life Regression (PLR) and Serenity through Surrender (SS) to resolve sub-consciously driven concerns and can be contacted through or or by writing an email at

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