Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Growth or Evolution ?

Growth is what can be seen while evolution is what can be trusted. Growth is what is perceived by others while evolution is what is experienced in each moment. One can grow much faster than what they can evolve to and it maynot be if one is growing they are actually evolving too.

Most of the growth happens in the preparation for evolution. Once the preparation is done, evolution needs space and energy to happen and be lived. Till we shed our need for growth, we may never see the evolution that is happening underneath. Once a step in evolution is complete, growth happens at the deeper level for it to be felt externally too but it may fall short of one's expectations if they measure it with what they perceive to be growth.

Both are about moving fwd but growth is based on comparison. It doesn't serve as a measure for appreciating self in absolute terms.

It's a lack of understanding which makes evolution less evident in the physical reality than growth. As one evolves and they learn to love and accept self, they grow in every way and aspect. It's important to trust one's evolution to reach till their physical reality moves fwd to give them whatever they believe will give them joy.

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