Thursday, December 31, 2009

Past Life Regression can help in solving relationship issues

There is a very good for relationship issues to be arising out of Past Lives. Relationships, especially close ones are often with our soulmates or members of our soul group / family and since we have already spent significant lifetimes with them, there is reason why they behave a certain way or the respective relationship is at the stage that it is. Usually relationship issues come from karmic debts created over a series of lives and Past Life Regression helps identify the patterns and resolve them as well.
Many of us slightly misinterpret the karma theory at times, especially with regards to relationships. Usually one will hear “sow shall we reap” as in if one is suffering now, it’s a punishment they are getting as a result of their bad karmas but there is a slight modification I would like to make here, as per my understanding of this theory. For example, there is a person who is physically handicapped in a way that he is totally and utterly dependent on his family members for survival. Whenever someone would look at them, many would comment they have this kind of a life because it’s a result of some bad karma they did in their past lives. I actually came across a client like this and when he was regressed, it was found that he was quite an evolved soul and the reason he chose to be in that state in the current life was to help his family members to experience to care for someone who is completely dependent on them for life. It was a lesson of compassion that his parents and siblings were seeking on a higher level and he was here only to help them get the best challenge and to learn it well. This is a perfect example to show that it’s never about punishment. 

We choose our bodies and our parents before we incarnate and this has been proven many times with research done by Dr. Michael Newton during spiritual regression. We build an entire plan for our next earth life depending on the lesson that we are seeking to learn. We have the help and guidance of our spirit guides and our soul family while doing so. We know our past lives and our failures and sometimes, just like some people choose motor racing or boxing as their career, knowing it’s not a smooth ride, similarly, some evolved souls choose to challenge themselves by choosing difficult lives and difficult life situations. The incentive is an accelerated Soul Evolution. All of us ultimately want to get rid of this cycle of reincarnation and are drawn to the central source of energy which we refer to as God. Divinity pulls us towards itself at the subconscious level and hence we do everything we can to get there as soon as possible.

At the soul level, there is no hatred, no guilt, no distrust. There is only love. We are surrounded by our soulmates, our soul families and our guides. We choose who will meet us at which milestone in our life and usually every person we meet in our life have a certain role to play in it. It’s not a coincidence that you meet your soulmate after you are married and have kids. The lesson is such that it demanded a situation or that challenge. The lesson could be either way. It could be to help you break free from your marriage and the soulmate could be the one offering you the incentive or the lesson could be to understand responsibility and commitment in marriage and he could be there only to give you temptation and make it a tougher lesson to learn.

In today’s world, almost everyone is facing relationship issues, with partners, with parents, with friends, with siblings or sometimes with children. Sometimes the emotions that we feel towards some people or the way certain people behave with us is a result of the karmic debt we have with them from our past. For example, if you were a victim of abuse through your hubby is one life, both of you could mutually agree at the soul level to play opposite roles in this current life in order for both of you to learn from the other side of the coin. If using free will, someone did something cruel to you in a last life, it is very probably that they will meet you in the current life and do the opposite to makeup and yet because you are holding that negativity or hatred or anger from that life, you will still reflect it in you and the current relationship will go sour. This is where Past Life Regression Therapy is very helpful.

Through Past Life Regression Therapy, it’s possible to firstly find out your relationship with your closed ones in your past, specially with the ones you feel connected with in the past and then it’s possible to resolve your past with them and transform the memories. Many times, it will tell us the reason why a particular relationship is the way that it is and also help in resolving it.

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  1. Very good post .. very interesting :o)

    I totally agree about everything you write.

    Thank you - I needed a reminder .. :o)

    Lots of love!

  2. i have lost the one i love just 5 months back,i met him online 6 yrs back,we were in touch thro chat.i actually met him in real after4 years,and i felt instantly connected,i began to breathe in the relationship,i am married and so was he but both our marriages didnt work,even tho we hav kids ,they stay separately and me and my husband stay together but as good as starngers,ive had a bad marriage,but this guy i met never ever expected anything from me n just showered his love ,support and care all the time,since da distance btw our destination was far we just met 5/6 times in all these years,but stayed connected via phone 24/7,i was so engrossed in my problems n responsbilities that i never took a notice of how i was dependant upon him emotionally,he used to guide me in smallest prob of mine like calculatiing da money of groceries i bought to guiding me in my kids school activities to dealing with my every relationship and guiding me professionally,things we going well whn a doubt got into ma mind and i started avoiding him,stopped him frm saying i love u to me,puposely saying harsh things to him and treat8ing in every possible way to make him feel bad so that he stops callin me,earlier we used to spk 24/7 but now i asked him to call me only for 5 mts and set a time limit etc,da last call he made i was so irritated that i told him i hav nothing to talkand that ill call back later,and i never called until 7days,later someone else picked up da phone and informed hes hospitalised,and denied givin phone tohim ,so i decided ill go to his auntys place and find out,since da distance was far and i owed an explanation to my husband i was able to vist his aunty who knew me as a friend ,41 days later i visited her,while on the way it struck me to call his office and for which i neva had a number since i had all his pvt nos,so i derived da number from ask me or just dial service and got his office no,on his way to auntys home i called up his office and got to know hes no more,i felt hurt,it was a shock,whn i reached aunty home she coudlnt recognse as she was seeing me after a yearand she was surprised to know that i was unawareof his death,i have sevral questions related to this

  3. well dear, you can get help with this through past life regression therapy. i don't have your contact details and don't know where you live so don't know how to reach you.

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